UPDATE: Top set for Feb 6, thanks @polyvore! :)

Happy Chinese New Year and enjoy the #yearofthehorse! Time to be hardworking and all ;) 

A little bloggy is necessary:

Chinese New Years Eve
Today wasn't exactly a lucky day, two misfortunes happened to me. Firstly, I spilled calligraphy ink onto my white skirt, canvas bag, safety shorts, skin, water bottle, notes and basically everything. Even the bus seat! I was kinda embarrassed and didn't know how to face the bus driver.... So I did the horrible thing and ran off without telling him, ugh. The afternoon was slightly better and the evening was the best! It's tradition to have a family reunion dinner, which is basically tons of eating of steamboat! Yum! I loved it and being with my family is amazing. Haha and my cute little cousin who only ate the cream of Oreos and left the biscuits on the table xD But of course, it wouldn't be a dinner unless something goes wrong. Which was me spilling my uncle's cup of white wine all over myself and the floor :p Nonetheless, the day ended off great!

The day of the 31st
Went around visiting my relatives! I ate lots of cookies and cuttlefish. A little fact of the day: CNY treats are like pineapple tarts, bak kwa, love letters, peanut cookies and a lot of other things which have gotten more and more creative as the years go by! The pineapple tarts are the worst and the yummiest, they hold the most amount of calories, one tart can go up to about 300+ calories. It's insane, but insanely good.

Today, 1 Feb
I haven't gone off visiting yet but I think today will be fun! Probably going to 'gamble' and play card games with my cousins :)
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