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so my friends told me to do a hand stand and
i was like ; b-1tch please. and this is what a
boss handstand looks like - ♡

lol yes i know, its amazing.

so hey look its my second real set, yay.

you want an update on my sims? okok.
so my house was being robbed and when
we were being robbed MY SIM WAS
so she had the baby in the bathroom, ew.
and everything was goooood. c':

im going to make a real tag list soon.
but for now, yeah no. im a lazy person 
who likes to spend days eating pizza on 
the couch.

so tbh miley cyrus's video we can't stop is
kind of s-lutty. but here's my opinion -

she's my inspiration. not saying her to make
me want to act like a sl-ut. but i like how she
just wants to be herself. and tbh that is her 
being herself and that makes me happy to
see that you shouldn't be afraid of what
people think and to just be who you are.
so i hate how people keeps talking sh-t
about her. she's just growing up and we should
just respect her. k.

you should pm. k baiiii. ♡

Two comments

Wrote one year ago
The green is so refreshing!!

Wrote one year ago
Beautiful set!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!