-Name- Daniel Wentworth- Cafferty
-Age- 39 (one month off of 40)
-Character Story- 
Daniel comes from a wealthy family, whose patriarch, Daniel’s father, is the CEO of one of England’s most illustrious media empires. Where Daniel’s father is a cold, calculated businessman, his son is adventurous, down-to-earth, and caring, traits lost on the media mogul entirely. After a bitter argument about inheritance and expectations, Daniel left England to go on a world tour, fulfill his lifelong dreams, seeing what lies beyond the sheltered life he always knew. After falling in love with (city…) he made a home there, attempting to erase all memories of his old life. He became journalist and met his future wife at a mutual friend’s party. They were married within a year of their first date.
-Occupation- Journalist
Lolita Isabeli Avilo

-Children or Pets- No kids, but they have an English Bull-Dog named Dozer

-Password- Dirty, Deadly, Dainty Little Secrets
-Other Information- English accent
-Model- Matt Bomer
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