illusion two, week one: gold, rustic chandelier.

Pouting my lip I stared up at the moon less sky. The forest was darker than normal and I was sure if I attempted to move around a root I couldn’t see or slam straight into one of the old oak trees only bring me down. I’d waited for the moon to show is bright face but knew they clouds insisted on keeping it hidden. But never fear, I was prepared if this was the case. Shooting up I began to work using a small candle for light. I climbed up a tree and began draping thick gold string with small lanterns handing of. Weaving the string around I hummed to my self before finally finishing. Using my candle I lighted all the lanterns before making my way back down the tree now able to see everything around due to the light coming for my creation. I jumped down almost falling in the lake.
‘Epp!” I shirked wobbling around trying my hardest not to fall forwards. Finally I got my balance back and caught the reflection of my fake chandelier in the sparkling water. In the water it looked almost identical to the one that use to hang above the ballroom in my old home. My sisters and I always adored that chandelier, it may not be as large and spectacular as most, it was ours. I closed my eyes watched the tall green tress fad away being replaced by tall golden walls and to soft ground changing into a smooth marble floor. I looked up to the once star and moonless sky only to the familiar roof painted with angels and dancing girls. 
“Prairie, come on!” A sweet voice said to me and my soft hand rested on my hand. I looked into the face of the girl talking to me, my sister. She pulled me towards the other girls already twirling around each in a different coloured dress. Each face smiled at me as the moved passed me. My feet began to move as I spun around laughing. I tipped my head back looking at the chandelier smiling. Suddenly everything around the chandelier began to fade away. The smile vanished from my face and I turned side to side looking for sisters but the only company around were the tress. Sighing I sunk to the ground and wrapped my arms around my legs resting my chin on my knees. I didn’t feel like dancing anymore, but didn’t feel like going back to my room. I just sat staring at the flickering lights still I felt my eyes grow heavy and my mind slip back into the ballroom with my sisters.
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