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Sayings & Style Stuff

This is a group where you can submit all your sets that have Sayings/Quotes/Text in them. Art, Home, Beauty, and Fashion accepted. JOIN! And tell your friends : ) For all of my groups links click here: Some of my other groups: EStyle: Moods: Simple Things Impressive: Beautiful People of Color! I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion: Simple but Never Plain: My Style: Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside: ●☯ Carpe Diem ☯● Cosmic Free Spirits: Fashion My Way: Glitter: Every Girl's Dream: Fashion Diva: Home is Where the Heart is: Dream Set: The Best Polyvorians: Make Fashion Easier: Fabulous-Expressions: Top-Notch: Hooked On Style: Polyvore at it's BEST: Gowns Galore:
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Wrote 16 days ago
@saraihe Hi and thanks for the question! I'm not sure if every group will get this feature. I have several groups and only two or three have this feature. Perhaps we're still in the testing phase and depending on how successful it is they will roll it out throughout the platform to all groups. =)

Wrote 18 days ago
Oh you're one of the groups that has the discussion feature? Will every group be getting it?

Wrote 4 months ago
Happy Monday my friends! How many of you out there have "wouldn't it be nice if..." thoughts? I just had one that would make entering Polyvore Group contests a little easier! Please feel free to post yours in this discussion thread and perhaps Team-Polyvore @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial may consider using them! I can't wait to hear your ideas! Here's mine: wouldn't it be nice if we had the option of entering sets into a group contest from one of our own collections? Here's the deal for me, I'm a functioning Polyvore addict and proud of it! 😍💖 I have over 4000 sets to sort through to select for contests and it gets down right difficult to locate those specific sets that meet the contest themes. However, if you categorize your sets and create collections to hold them it would be so much easier and faster to locate the sets you wish to enter in those contests! What do you think? Does this sound good to you? Would you use this if it were a new feature? Love to hear your thoughts. And please include your "wouldn't it be nice if..." thoughts too!

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Moderator Announcement mcheffer Posted 11 hours ago
Stripes! Be sure to enter my dears! Hugs!

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