okay, i know this was supposed to be for wednesday, but i didn't get a chance to make it for then. So, here it is now.:)

We had already shopped many times and seen many people when I rolled down my limo's window and let the wind hit me in the face. I sighed as i put my phone out the window to take a picture, like i did every time i came to the city. I now have 43 pictures. I put my hand back in the car and rolled up the window.

"So guys, where to first?"I asked smiling. 

"Um. Chanel? or Barney's?"asked Delilah.

"Let's do Chanel. I have to stock up on more perfume",said Ashleigh pulling on her jacket. 

"Lets!"i pressed a button and the window between us and the driver rolled down. "Chanel please"

"Got it!" he said smiling at me.

"Thanks Marcus!"i said turning to my besties. The car rolled to a stop and Marcus opened our door.

"Thank-yas!"said Ashleigh as we all skipped out. I pulled out my wallet from my coach soho and hooked arms with my friends as we skipped into Chanel.

"Great choice",said the sales lady as i picked out a bracelet. I smiled. "Would you like to check this out along with your other items?"

"Sure. Thanks", i said. Over in the corner i saw two Cali girls giggling. 

"This plan is *bound* to work. I mean, did you hear about Riley. Being a model? How stuck up she must be",said one of the girls. 
Ashleigh walked up to me. 

"Being a model is being stuck up?Aren't *you* a model?"she asked.

"Yes",i said rubbing my teeth together

"To which one?"asked Delilah walking up with shopping bags in hand.I just walked away. The followed getting my jist. Riley was sort of on our side. Why would Cali girls talk about Cali girls? Weren't they on the same side? 

"Come on. We better get to Barney's",said Delilah. We all followed her out the door. Right as we walked out, the two Cali girls stood in front of us. 

"Umm 'scuse us, but are a barbie?" she said. I knew this one.

"No. But are you a tomb?"i said. She looked at me dumbly.

"Cuz your going *down*"i finished. Her mouth fell open. We all giggled because it wasn't that rude, was it? We climbed into the limo. "Barney's please",said Ashleigh.

"Got it", said Marcus pulling away from the curb where the Cali girls stood looking dumb.
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