Scavenger Hunt♥

Scavenger Hunt ♥
1.A photo of something cute
2.Your favorite celebrity
3. Balloon
4.A necklace with a heart
5.Fruity chapstick or lipgloss
6.An inspring quote
7.A funny quote
8.Ice cream
9.Your favorite food
10.The phone you have
11.The most colorful item!!
12.Piggy bank
13.Anything you can write with
14.Glittery make up
15.Something covered in rhinestones
17. A drink
18.An adorable animal
19.Lyrics of your favorite song
20.A cupcake with icing
21.A text abbreviation
22.Anything with your first initial on it
23.Something with your birthstone on it
25.Your mascara
26. Your favorite book
28.Eyeshadow set
30.Cute cartoon saying something
32.A celebrity you think is pretty
33.A beach ball
36. Flip flops
37.Nail polish you are wearing right now (if you’re not wearing any, just choose one!)
38.An icon
39.Somebody laughing
40.Peace, love, happiness
41.A piece of furniture you want
42.A premade set
43.A kids show
44.Quote from a movie
45.Something you couldn’t live without
46.What your parents take away when you are grounded
47.Your favorite show when you were a little kid
48.Set including your favorite celebrity
49.Your favorite restaurant
50.A bathing suit you would wear
53.Peace sign
54.A board game
55.Something with polka dots
56.Valentine’s Day filler
57.A dress you like
58.A fruit
59.A doodle
60.A cookie with lots of colors
61.The best set you have ever made
62.A screenshot from a movie, tv show or music video
63.A summer treat
64.A winter treat
65.Make-up you couldn’t live without
66.Jeans you wear most often
67.A pair of pumps
68.A filler
70.A lipstick smudge
71.Your dream school/school you go (went) to
72.Compact mirror
73.Cute animal sleeping
74.A Diamond
75.A crayon
76.Frozen yogurt
77.A vegetable
78.A guitar
79.Something refreshing in the summer when it’s hot
80.Something spilling
81.A goldfish cracker
82.Your favorite radio station
84.Check mark
85.Lip marks
86.Your favorite tv show
87.A bag you want
88.A ring
89.A birthday cake
90.A dress you would wear to your own party
91.A purse you would carry to the mall
92.Something you have wanted for a while
93.A flower pin
94.Your favorite tv show character
95.The best thing to eat at the movies
96.Your favorite magazine
97.A bow
98.Two people in love
99.Your favorite icon on polyvore
100.Anything that you think represents this collection

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