Scavenger Hunt

A photo of something cute
Your favorite celebrity
A necklace with a heart
Fruity chapstick or lipgloss
An inspring quote
A funny quote
Ice cream
Your favorite food
The phone you have
The most colorful item!!
Piggy bank
Anything you can write with
Glittery make up
Something covered in rhinestones
A drink
An adorable animal
Lyrics of your favorite song
A cupcake with icing
A text abbreviation
Anything with your first initial on it
Something with mickey mouse
A stuffed animal
Edited dumped out make up
Eyeshadow set
Cute cartoon saying something
A celebrity you think is pretty
A beach ball
Something zebra print
Nail polish you are wearing right now (if you’re not wearing any, just choose one!)
An icon
Somebody laughing
Peace, love, happiness
A piece of furniture you want
A premade set
A kids show
Quote from a movie
Something you couldn’t live without
What your parents take away when you are grounded
Your favorite show when you were a little kid
Set including your favorite celebrity
Your favorite restaurant
A bathing suit you would wear
Peace sign
A board game
Something with polka dots
Valentine’s Day filler
A dress you like
A fruit
A doodle
A cookie with lots of colors
The best set you have ever made
A screenshot from a movie, tv show or music video
A summer treat
A winter treat
Make-up you couldn’t live without
Pants you wear most often
Someone doing something you wish you were doing right now
A filler
Something drawn with lipstick
A t-shirt that has something cute on it
Compact mirror
Cute animal sleeping
A Diamond
A crayon
Frozen yogurt
A vegetable
A guitar
Something refreshing in the summer when it’s hot
Something spilling
A goldfish cracker
A disco ball
Check mark
Lip marks
Your favorite tv show
A hand gesture
A ring
A birthday cake
A dress you would wear to your own party
A purse you would carry to the mall
Something you have wanted for a while but have never actually purchased
A flower pin
Your favorite tv show character
The best thing to eat at the movies
The most random thing ever
A bow, made out of anything
Two people in love
Your favorite item on polyvore
Anything that you think represents this collection

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