S a r a h ' s SCAVENGER HUNT!

1) A stary item of clothing
2) A ribbon
3) Something saying 'love'
4) A smile
5)Your Favourite Lyric
6)Your Fav set on polyvore
7)Something Paul Frank
8)A baloon
9)A red head
10)something saying hate
11)Something Gothic
12)A ring under $5
13)Your Favourite set of yours
14)A picture of Megan Fox
15)Your Fav film
16) A mobile
17)A brunette
18)Favourite shoe
19)Something Alexander McQueen
20)Your Fav set of mine
21) A still from The O.c
22) A cartoon
23) Something from Winnie the Pooh
24) Purple eyeliner
25) A topshop dress
26)A fairy
27)Audrey Hepburn
28)A mean girls still
29)a pair of oxfords
30) A vampire
31) a image of fruit
32) a mirror
33) sequence top
34) A set with 'Rain' in the title
35)A picture of Taylor Swift
36) A lock
37) A set with a cute floral dress in it
38) A red flower
39)A key
40) A picture of friends
41)A favourite quote
42)A layered set
43)Your favourite item
44)A picture of a blonde
45)Your Favourite celeb
46)something lace
47) Something that tastes sweet
48) A set that deserves more faves
49) Your Favourite item of clothing
50)A blue cardigan

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