Remember childhood birthday parties when your friend's mom would hand you a list of objects and it was your task to go around asking the neighbors for the listed items before the other team collected them all? Remember how fun it was? Running through the streets collecting toilet paper, a rock, a penny from 1982 and a napkin etc.
In this group sets are made to fit the items listed in each contest. Sort of like a scavenger hunt at a birthday party but instead of a penny from 1982 a set might need to include a dress from1955 or instead of a piece of toilet paper you might have to include a handwritten letter. Whatever the item is BE CREATIVE
for example if item #2 says: "include something that keeps track of time". That could mean many thinks; a watch, clock, sundial, or maybe something totally off the wall I haven't thought of. Your set is whatever you want it to be.
So join my group so we can start the contests and began having fun!
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