i'm so done with being called hipster just cuz i have a "scene" hair cut i mean i do it myself no wonder its different then 400 people (does anyone in my school know anyone outside of my small little school?) 
  • Grunge :);
  • Adventure time queen.
  • Ari girl
  • Mixed up.

  • Random #
  • Random Outfit #??
  • Dani's Outfit #3
  • Dani's Outfit #2

  • =(= I walk a fine line between coping and insanity =(=
  • //But you specialize in dying//
  • && We are the spark that lights the flame &&
  • わI don't wanna rule the world I just wanna sit on top わ

  • Untitled
  • Dream
  • Echo
  • <3

  • What Did I Do Wrong?
  • Please Don't Do This To Me
  • // "And their tears are filling up their glasses. No expression, no expression." \\
  • Change is a Scary Thing.

  • Working Out With Ashton
  • Swimming With The Baes
  • Meeting Ashton Irwin's Family
  • Fancy Dinner Date With Calum

  • I love you.
  • Back..?
  • "I swear I will never leave"
  • You.

  • Spending the night with my best friend!!
  • Don't really have a name for it... But tada!
  • There is too much snow... There's snow up to my knees!
  • Sick... :(

  • Going for a walk -Kevin
  • Christmas Party -Acacia
  • We got kitties! -All anons
  • We got matching sweaters -smiles- -Luke & Mikey

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