School Girl Outfit Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Find tons of cute schoolgirl-style outfits right here! If you’re shopping for the perfect outfit to wear to school, or just looking to kit yourself out with an adorable schoolgirl look, Polyvore’s community of international stylists can help you. The classic back-to-school outfit includes skirts, blouses and cardigans or blazers. Add a pair of loafers or ballerina flats, a messenger bag or backpack and you’re good to go for three seasons. For an edgier school girl look, you can stock up on jeans or shorts, sneakers or ankle boots and statement jewelry.

To take your school girl look from fall into winter, you can pull on a warm pair of tights, wrap yourself in a snug scarf and layer on a classic duffle coat or a pea coat. To stay toasty, go with a pair of knee-high boots. As the weather starts to heat up, you can transition into spring and summer by swapping out the tights-and-boots combo with a pair of sandals.

Does your academic milieu run more tony (think Gossip Girl) than teenybopper? Make sure to tote a designer bag and some fresh-off-the-runway pieces in a toned-down, casual way. Wear a Marc Jacobs blouse with some denim, or a sweatshirt and heels. If you love the look, but not the price, try searching for your favorite styles on Topshop or MANGO. Whatever your budget or style, you can find lots of pieces that will complete your school girl outfit this season!