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Hey everyone! So here is my school morning routine which basically consists of my morning on a school day. Be warned, I do wake up REALLY early so I don't have time to do a lot of stuff....

5:30 am: This is my wake up call! With a lot of grogginess I'm up and ready to go to the bathroom.

5:35-5:50 I take a little time to fully be awake and head to the bathroom. First I just splash my face with water to wake me up, then I just apply cetaphil gentle skin cleanser on my face, rinse and dry my face. I then change into my outfit for the day and brush my hair. I don't usually have time for makeup.

5:50-6:00: This is my breakfast time. Usually I spoon down yoghurt or cereal and occasionally porridge or oatmeal.

6:00-6:03: Then I usually run back up to brush my teeth for 3 minutes.

6:03-6:20- I usually use this spare time to read, surf the web and do last minute packing to my bag.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed! And PLEASE request tips in comments! :))
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