Everyone is forced to go to these school reunions and brag about your rich as hell husband/wife and your million-pound-paying jobs when actually none of it is true. Here's something that is true to be bragged about - your style. This pretty pink crop top is stylish and that plain white vest shows how down-to-earth you really are. These faded jeans are styled to be vintage and these stilettos put the 'us' in 'glamorous' as in 'look at us!' The newspaper drape coat is professional and impressive whilst the satchel is practical and (excuse the following pun) practically perfect. The nails make it feel like Christmas every day and the hair doesn't even look fake, though that may be truth. Those lips make you look edible and delicious - get those unlucky lads licking their own lips. Knock 'em dead, and all for a total of £284. (Note: This is just an estimate due to the exact clothes I have chosen, I am sure you can get something very similar for much less.)

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