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ahaha it was fun! i have a nice smelling locker neighbor to the right of me. he has expensive cologne. (: mmmmmmm. and a senior the the left of me with an annoying girlfriend. so its all good. (: I have THREE freaking binders now. :/ an i need a nice backpack. and new mascara. waah. i have five dollars that isnt enough for mascara. boo. i like most of my teachers but i dont want to take LPF i want to test out of it. blaargh. im the last to be picked up and first to be dropped off on my bus(: cool right? so i have to be at the stop at like.. 6:50 ahaha win(; I like my algebra teacher a TON and I BOUGHT A PINK CALCULATOR. EEEEEE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thats awesome isnt it;) im in love with it. and i have a pink binder and a purple binder. I need a back pack urgh. and i have gum ahahah♥♥♥ So yeah, im back again tomorrow! but im going to eat some food and like. go to sleep. and orgaize my papers. ahaha. It wasnt that bad for a first day! i didnt get lost or picked on much♥♥ None of the upperclassmen are nice though urgh. like I met two nice seniors and a few cool sophomores ( i know sophmore isnt an upperclassmen shut up) I ate outsite. that was fun(; Cato is sooo sexy in this picture a haha. its a draft so ill have to make another to replace it urgh. well off to eat now!! random tags;;

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