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1. What do you think of school?
I think it's helpful

2.What is your favorite subject

3.If I could have anybody as a classmate or in one of your classes.. Who would it be?
it would be jennifer Lawrence or one of my best friends I don't have any classes with

4.If you could skip school, where would you go?
the mall

5. What do you absolutely HATE about school?

6. If your school could be a fantasy.. What fantasy movie or book would it be like?
it would be one of the fine arts schools like in victorious

7. Do you like school lunches? What do you wish they were like?
my school has really good lunches I usually get a panini Sandwich or dumplings

8.What's your homeroom class ? 
we have advisory

9.What do u wish gym would be? 
free period

10.Who is in your homeroom that you always hang out with?
my friends lauren and sara

11. Are you crushing on someone that goes to your school?
12. Back to school yay or nay?

13.lockers yay or nay?

14.overall... Is school somewhere you don't mind going?
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