I would think, if Sherlock Holmes were real, that he would scorn me for putting lace and pictures of him in the same set. Actually, he would probably scorn me just for making a set about him, if his vanity were not so easily flattered. My excuse is, I am a fan. What can I say?

This Sherlock set is based on the television series which was recently broadcasted in England. Despite sceptism, it was set in the modern day. When I first heard about it, I have to admit I didn't think that they would pull it off - I mean, can you really take Holmes and Watson out of the past? However, I think this is one of the best interpretations of Conan Doyle's creation I have seen. I am now entralled - again - by the stories. The modern version was actually much closer to the book than, say, the version with Jeremy Brett. There were references to the books throughout: the first episode is called 'A Study in Pink', instead of 'Scarlet', Watson writes a blog instead of a journal, and a reference to a pocket watch had become a reference to a mobile phone. Combine that, Steven Moffat's incredible writing, and Benedict Cumberbatch's acting = success.

Anyway, there's my mini review over, if you actually read it! Has anyone else seen this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes?
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Wrote 6 years ago
You're welcome, Firieth, and thank you to everyone else!

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks for pointing me towards this! I've gone from "checking it out" mode to being a real fan of the show. Love it. :)
Also, I think you're right on about Sherlock. But isn't that part of his appeal? ;)

Wrote 6 years ago
love your sets!

Wrote 6 years ago





Fans of BBC's fantastic new Sherlock series unite! Any sets about Sherlock Holmes in general or about the BBC series are more than welcome!
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