Hello, how was your day? Mine was actually pretty good! :D


This is for @nomieissoepic 's challenge.
I might not do the rest though lawl :SS



Well I have sooo many songs I love, yet I can't think of the top of my head my faves.
But here are some I really H E A R T♥

- Thrift Shop; Macklemore.
- Locked out of heaven; Bruno Mars
- Born to die; Lana Del Ray
- Stay; Rihanna
- How to be a heartbreaker; Marina and the diamonds
- Trouble; Taylor Swift
- Give me love; Ed Sheeran
- Stronger; Kanye West
- Whistle baby; Flo Rider
- Too close; Alex Clare
- Heartless & golddigger; Kanye West
- American Boy; Estelle
- Written in the stars; Tinie Tempah
- Drinking from the bottle; Tinie tempah
- Where is the love; Black eyed peas
- Pound the alarm; Nicki Minaj


Ottay :3

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