I stood by the ice cream vendor's stall, kicking at the rocks. People kept giving me funny looks, but I ignored them. I mean, seriously? Haven't you seen a fluorescent pink skirt before?
"Boo!" came Gemma's voice behind me.
I screamed. Well, nearly. In reality, I made this weird yelping noise and I whirled around and smacked her in the face with a flying limb. I think it was my right arm.
"Holy dooley, Gem!" I said. "Don't do that!"
"Hahaha, I think I'm rubbing off on you," she replied, laughing.
I rolled my eyes and laughed. "That's what you'd like to think."
We strolled along in the park, eating our ice cream. 
"You know," she said, "If we were playing hide-n-go-seek, you'd totally and completely lose. You wanna know why?"
I laughed. "Why?"
"'Cause I can see your skirt from space."
We laughed.
"So... Tell me about this Bloomberg fellow," I said, slowly, carefully, after we'd both finished our ice cream.

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