Screamo Lovers.

Screamo Lovers.
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For all you lovers of boys who scream(:
Ha, kidding.
If you enjoy bands like the following few, this is your group.
a day to remember, motionless in white, silverstein, we came as romans, a skylit drive, black veil brides, framing hanley, the devil wears prada, greely estates, skyscrapers walk among us, make me famous, of mice & men, attack attack!, sleeping with sirens, etc. << examples.

random music quotes I'm just going to throw out here;
''stare straight faced, don't hesitate. tell me, why would we want to make you bastards wait? thank god, I got the chance, now I can say, so now we'll say, we're going to do what we want.'' -sleeping with sirens, do it now remember it later.
''mind your tounge, and save your breath for someone else.'' -of mice & men, ydg.
''for we are nothing without brotherhood, and brotherhood is nothing without your brothers.'' -we came as romans, intentions.
''all mistakes can be marked by borders, all of love can be traced to a maker, it seems as if what is most important isn't noticed, when forgotten.'' -the devil wears prada, danger: wildman.
''mark my words, we're taking over the world.'' -a day to remember, a shot in the dark.
''true love comes from more than just the heart.'' -pierce the veil, besitos.
''the past defines just who we are.'' -motionless in white, cobwebs.
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