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steel cat society; aj.
thursday: touch football game.

Standing with a hand on my hip, I surveyed the shirtless guys in front of me. Slowly, I raised the bottle of Smirnoff Ice to my lips and took a sip. Licking my lips, I hid a grimace. I hated these cocktails but I couldn't actually carry around a real bottle. Besides, this was what was provided. Settling onto the blanket that Valentina had brought, I kicked off my shoes and let my eyes follow the movement of the guys who were playing football. Some of them were okay but the rest were pissing me off. 

Climbing to my feet, I made my way onto the field. 

"Ball," I said to the shirt's quarterback. He looked at me and I arched an eyebrow. Reluctantly, he handed me the ball. Waving my hand, I let the guys know they should set up which they did, but a lot of grumbling was involved.

"Set, hut!" I shouted and the guys broke while I backed up a few paces. I drew my arm back and threw the ball. The guys watched it soar above their heads before one of the guys on my team caught it. He just stood there and looked at me.

"Run, you dumb as.s!" I screamed at him. Finally he looked at the ball in his hands and turned and ran. He scored because the rest of the guys were staring dumbfounded at me. 

"H.ell yeah," the guy cheered and the rest of the guys decided they were just fine with me playing. I played the rest of the game with a bunch of sweating guys. 

For the last touchdown, I ran the ball dodging all the guys and slipping into between them effortlessly. As I hit the endzone, Parker came up from behind me and threw me over his shoulder. Laughing, I swatted at his back.

"Parker, put me down!" I laughed. This was more of my element than the hanging out with the girls. He set me on my feet and I headed back to my shoes and drink. 

Sliding onto the blanket, I took a sip of my drink. Lifting my gaze, I saw a guy approaching me. It was the guy who had caught my first pass. 

"Hey, I'm Jionny," he said to me, sitting next to me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he smirked.

"AJ," I responded after a moment. I watched as he surveyed my body and he openned his mouth to say something else but I shook my head. His brow furrowed and I could tell he was confused.

"I gotta go," I told him, grabbing my shoes and my phone. I left him staring after me before he got up and went to find another girl.

Why couldn't I catch a break? I had all sorts of guys hitting on me but I could not find the guy I wanted anywhere in sight. I frowned for a moment before heading for the cooler. I had left my drink with that guy, J something or other and I really needed another one. Bending to the cooler, I pulled out a beer and I heard a chuckle behind me. Spinning around, I caught sight of yet another guy. I sighed. I mean, I knew I was attractive but this was getting ridiculous. 

He grinned at me and I gave him a half smile back.

"Go to the party with me, AJ," he commanded me with that same grin. I raised an eyebrow at him. I didn't even know who the this guy was. 

"Please?" he questioned after seeing the look on my face. Scowling at him briefly, I nodded.


"Hm, Parker said you liked to play hard to get," the guy commented, "but that wasn't very hard."

"Now, tell me why I would play hard to get with a complete stranger," I retorted batting my eyelashes at him.

"It's Bentley and now we aren't strangers," he responded quickly. I just shrugged. Turning on my heel, I started to walk away from him.

"Meet me at nine, Bentley," I called over my shoulder, letting his name roll of my tongue seductively. He watched me walk and I gave him a show. If he thought he was going to get some, oh, was he dead wrong.
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