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"Are you sure you want this?"
With the way he looked in that suit, yes I was sure I wanted to do this.
"Yes. I know it'll be fun." I pressed as I lifted my gown to keep it from dragging on the floor. "Besides, Nate won't be here, he has some things to settle."
"Like?" Grant asked curiously.
"I don't know. I didn't really ask." I said vaguely. All I knew was that it had something to do with all that money we won at the casino the night we got married.
"You're making this sound like we're having an affair." He joked.
I laughed. "I wish. Let's go."
I tucked my arm in the nook of Grant’s arm as we headed into the ballroom. The moment we stepped in, all eyes were on us, some were even whispering away. It was either my dress or my date. Either way I didn’t care.
"Told you." He whispered as we headed over to the bar where Devin was standing sipping away on her cocktail.
"Oh, not Nate?" Devin asked curiously, I hadn't exactly gotten around to telling her about this.
I raised my hands in surrender and gave her a look that said ‘I’ll explain later,’
"DJ lesson on, erm, Friday?” Devin asked Grant breaking the silence between the three of us.
"Oh, sure." Grant mumbled. 
"Great. I'll see you two around,” Devin said before walking off. 
I took a sip of my champagne and looked down at floor.
"Oh my gosh, Jord! I need you for a second,” I looked up just as Nix came running towards me in her 5 inch heels.
"What is it?" I asked, a little more annoyed then I would have liked.
She turned her head and gave Grant a double look, "Oh, hi Grant! Looking good."
He laughed. "You, too."
"I always do." Nix smirked.
I rolled my eyes as she leant in to whisper into my ear. "Kennedy's got some problem."
I glanced up at Grant sympathetically, hoping that he’d understand.
"Go on." He smiled.
"Thanks, Grant. You're so considerate.” Nix said before yanking me away.

“You came with Grant?” Nix said loudly to the bathroom of girls.
I shrugged, “As friends.”
“Sure, because he hasn’t been after you forever,” Devin added.
I rolled my eyes at her. “So?”
“And what about Nate?” Orion asked as reapplied a fresh coat of lip gloss.
I shrugged, “Nate and I…are complicated.”
“So uncomplicate it,” Kennedy mused.
I sighed, “If there’s no emergency I’m going to head back out there...”
Devin laughed, “I’ll come with you.”
“Thank you,” I muttered as we headed back out into the ballroom.
"I can't believe you're wearing blue," Devin smirked at me.
In my defence it was navy blue…
"Are you really surprised?" I grinned.
She shook her head, "Not really. You've always been a complete attention wh.re."
"It's true," I shrugged, "Are you sure you want to be Jared's date? It's not too late to leave." I said as I spotted him staring at us from the other side of the room.
She turned back to me and quirked her eyebrow, "Jord."
"Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't thought about making a run for it. I'll cover for you."
"What would you say?"
I shrugged and looked around for Grant, hoping he hadn't left yet "I'm an actress, I'd come up with something good."
She shook her head.
"Last chance," I warned her.
"Bye Jord," She replied dismissively. 
"When he ditches you for someone else, can I be the first to say I told you so?" I interrupted.
"This isn't even a real date," She glared at me.
"Alright, well I love you Devil. Be careful." I smirked as I spotted Grant.
"I always am Whore-den," She smiled, "Love you too."

"Took you long enough.", Grant muttered his voice a little irritated as I came and stood in front of him.
"Sorry, it got a little overboard." I admitted. “Did you want to dance?" I asked lamely.
Luckily he laughed, “Sure." 
He offered his hand. I felt like the prom queen again at my high school prom. I reached for his hand but it was intercepted, I looked up.
"Nate!” I hissed. "I thought you weren't coming!?" 
I looked between him and Grant, trying to process what I should do next. Did I introduce them?
"It was a surprise. But it isn't anymore, is it?" Nate replied bitterly. I almost felt bad for him.
Nate looked from me over to Grant, and he narrowed his eyes. "So this is the guy who wanted you to get an annulment?" Nate asked angrily.
I widened my eyes; this wasn’t going to be good.
"At least I'm better than you.” Grant retorted.
"I'm a way better fit for her." Nate replied. I rolled my eyes and put my face in my hands, this was not how I wanted the night to go.
"Prove it!" Grant replied as he stepped forward and shoved Nate.
"Oh hell I am!" Nate muttered as he lunged forward, grabbing Grant and shoving him back against the wall. 
"Oh my god.” I yelled, “Grant! Nate, stop it!" I rushed forward and grabbed Nate’s arm, pulling him back slightly. He shook me off and went straight back for Grant, punching him square in the jaw. 
"F.ck you, man! Do you think Jordan will fall for you?!" Nate asked, he was angrier than I’d ever seen him.
I pushed my way in between them, “Stop!", I yelled, my voice a little shaky.
They both stopped and stared at me, while I glanced around. Everyone was staring.
I grabbed Nate by his arm and dragged him away, "Nate...” I started my voice still a little wobbly. "I said it before and I'll say it again. I loved you. What happened was clearly a mistake and I still want my annulment."
"I mean it!" 
"Fine! Whatever!", He shouted at me before storming off. 
I turned around quickly and looked at Grant; I could feel a few tears flowing down my cheeks. I hadn't meant for anyone to get hurt, especially Grant.
"Shows over! Move away, people!” Carter yelled and the crowd started to disperse.
I stepped forward and touched Grant’s face gently, "Your jaw...” 
He looked terrible, and there was blood on his white shirt.
"I'm sorry." I said quietly.
"No, I am. I shouldn't have started the whole fight." He replied.
"You didn't mean it!" I replied defensively, he didn’t need to apologise. I was the moron who thought bringing him as my date was going to be drama free.
"Grant.", I said finally as I looked at him.
"I like you. I really do.” I said honestly.
"I...I don't know if I want to hear it right now.” He said as he looked away.
I stared at him. All this time he’d wanted me to admit it and when I finally does…he just blows me off? 
I bit my lip, "I guess I understand. Can you at least drive me home? I still don't trust Dev's driving." I asked as I opened my clutch and pressed my keys into his palm. 
He looked hesitant.
"Please, Teddy."
"Alright." He admitted finally and as we started to walk towards the exit, he winced.
"We'll walk slowly." I suggested.
He didn’t reply, instead we just walked in silence towards my car.
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