Ok, here's the deal.
yesterday's party went on and on and on.
I got so excited, plus i had enough cocktails, so it seems i've lost my phone.
Maybe i have to go back there later today and look for it.
I don't remember where i had left it, though...
But what i do remember is a guy, who came up to me and lit my cigarette.
Jared... Yes, i think his name is Jared.
I don't remember much, but my first impression of him was HOT!!! He reminds me of someone... I don't wanna talk about it now.
Anyway, we talked a bit, and he seemed witty and funny and everything.
Then we proceeded to the bar, and had a vodka shot competition that ended up with a victory kiss?.. I don't remember... I blacked out..)))
But! In the morning i woke up in my own bed, all dressed up in yesterday's clothes (remember that AMAZING Balmain dress?!) and it turned out he left his lighter in my clutch!
That's something!
But i woke up late, and i have to style this Gossip Girl episode, so i went to the office and took whatever i could find and now i'm bringing it to the shoot.
And i can assure you, anything that Sass&Bide does matches, so the actors will look amazing!!! Plus i picked up some hot menswear, so ii hope this episode will stand out thanx to amazing style choices.
ok, i need a huge cup of coffee or an additional shot.
We'll see how the day goes!
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