+Saturday: (CONTEST) Today is our very own, Laurie Maria's birthday! Apparently there is an all Black Ball in her honor? From all the scandals and secrets that occur at the balls the Steel Cats attend, can we all try to make an exception?


"Joshua? want to ra.pe you" i laughed. i looked at Annie, all my repressed anger with this silly girl surfacing all of a sudden, "have you seen that boy? he's gorgeous, and he maybe a player but hes been in love with Laurie since the day he laid eyes on her...

and though you maybe some kinda of sorority princess, you've got nada personality love, so kindly eff off and dont mess with my girl's birthday?"

"UGGHH your such a b.tch" Annie said. "im not done with you"

"No one ruins Laurie day. Please leave Annie-doll" i said mocking her, "the good lord that you believe in wouldnt want you to be messing with me"

I had finished giving Laurie 18 gifts already, that ranged from an autographed MGMT cd (her fav band), to alot of stuff from Chloe( her fav brand), a DVD of Napoleon Dynamite (which she already had but wtf), and alot of other random stuff i knew she liked. Her last one was pending which id give to her when we were back in Philly. 

Though of course, asking Annie to leave was the best gift of all.

i helped her get dressed. "i dont mean to go all emo on you, but i really ef.fing love you" i said to her.
"I know" she said beaming.
"i dont say it alot muffin, so treasure it"

"Joshua STOLE my Laurie from me" i whined to a drunk Birdie. i was rather wasted myself.
Just the Ky came over looking a little tense. 
i knew wat this was concerning.

Noel and me had done some digging. And we did have a rough idea what Tyler was upto, but untill we were sure, we had decided to keep mum. i Reallly did not want to freak Kyle out.

Aftr a talk, the Cats and our kitten ie. sophie, decided to all pitch in and work this Tyler thing out.

We headed back to our hotel rooms at 5 am. 
"There is a guest waiting for you in your room. said they were family." the receptionist said to me.

i ran up. i forgot to use the elevator. 13 floors. RICK WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

i swiped my key, and threw the door open...and gasped..

"SHould've answered my calls if you didnt want to see my face... b.tch"
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