Introducing one of the Head B*tches, Heidi.

When my family and me moved to Shanghai when I was about 15, I'd never thought that I'd love this city so much. I fit into it, at least more than I did in Miami. I was never tan or sporty. But here in Shanghai, my dreams seem to come true, finally. I'm at the top and I found an adorable guy who loves me. Can it get better?

My dad knows a lot of famous people there and of course he brought me into the inner circles in Shanghai. I met lots of stars and their kids. And well, that's how I got to know the elite and rose up to a Head B*tch that fast. I know that if I wouldn't be friends with all of those people, I wouldn't have such a success. 
I know that I'm young, but I want to be the queen, the one and only. Nobody else should stand next to me at the top. But I won't show this to anybody... 

The first step to this was to find an older boyfriend. Guys in my age are so childish and they don't know nothing about love. I just looked for a nice, handsome guy to go out with. But that I'd find the love of my life... well, I didn't expect that, really.
Adam knows me best. Okay, sometimes he forgets things but that's just because he's so busy. 
What I don't like about him is the fact that he's stoned so often. I never took drugs. I don't wanna loose myself... and the control. Because without control, everything breaks down and you fail. And I hate to fail...

Sometimes, in moments when my self confidence is very low, I think that he just wants me. But nothing more. But then I remember myself about all the cute things he does for me. And about my future. He has to be a part of it, that's for sure.

Most of the time, I'm the strong, "older" girl because he likes me more when I'm like that. But in fact, I love the girls stuff a lot. Well, sometimes changes are needed to become and get what you want...

Just comment if you wanna hang out... and I'm always open for... well, let's call it help.

xoxo Heidi


"Hey Adam!", I called and hugged him. 

"Hi, babe", he said. Then he scanned me and my dress. 
"Didn't you have something sexier in your closet?"

"But this is beautiful, I love it! Oh, don't be like that, please."

"Okay, this time at least. But tomorrow, we'll meet some friends of mine and I want you to look like the hottest thing in the world. 'Kay?", he grinned.
I nodded. One night, I thought and sighed. I hated meeting his friends. They all took drugs dated several girls at one time. I was glad that Adam was such an exception form them.
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