Elizabeth Von Adrian (20)
London, England
Arriving from the city like no other, London, Elizabeth was raised with a silver spoon between her pink lips. To tell you the truth, Elizabeth had it all. The grades, the boyfriend, the popularity, the money, and the perfect life, all wrapped around her French manicured finger. And to top everything off, Elizabeth is gorgeous beyond measure. She captures everyone’s attention, from drooling guys to jealous girls. But soon, she got bored of her life in London, she needed some new people, new excitement. Taking a first class flight to Shanghai, Elizabeth is expecting to flip her hair and the entire city will bow down. However, once she arrives, her world won’t exist. The HB’s are queen, and no one, especially some random British girl, will take their crown. How will Elizabeth handle being on the boring bottom? It probably will not be pretty. And she’ll have to do some dirty tricks to get her name known. 
Looks: Cara Delevingne
taken by: leboutonderose

I'm Elizabeth and I'm the new London girl in Shanghai. Pretty exciting to be finally independent. Anyway, please introduce yourself so I can get to know the people here, not only the stores.

xx, Elizabeth

Please add whether you want to be friends/enemies/best friends or frenemies;)
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
@zoeandrea You know that this only for a role-play and that Elizabeth isn't me?

Wrote 5 years ago
what df. are you seriously that conceited. makes me sick.
nice set though... eghhh

Wrote 5 years ago
666 likes! fantastic set *.*





Any sets welcome !
This group promising u for full of fun & cool ideas contests.
So that you all enjoy to be a part of it.
God bless u all

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The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

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