[Wednesday, October 3]: We hope everyone had a wonderful sleep last night but unfortunately, it has to be cut short. When learning the ropes of being a bride-to-be, there is NEVER any time for a break. Breakfast will be served at seven in the dining hall followed by an intimate session with both Bella and Brielle. Here, you will discuss your general plans for your dream wedding. This will be your longest time on camera so far so be sure to dazzle! Your wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) will have to be chosen as soon as possible so you will be filmed while calling each one from the Chateau’s phone. These will all be recorded so you better cross your fingers they can all attend. 

“I can't believe I acted so stupid in front of the judges last time.” I told Ronan with a sigh. I had actually confused lilac with purple... and I'm a freaking art curator. That's going to make me a joke between my colleagues. Not that they approved of my reality-show venture.

“You were nervous.” Ronan stated. “Everything's going to be fine. You're the smartest person I've ever met. I'm sure they'll get our vision for the wedding.”

“But they were right. Monet has a lot of paintings, not just those related to his garden.” I said, feeling dreadful.

“Darling, Monet's 'water lilies' are famous worldwide. By just saying his name, everyone knows about those paintings.” He shrugged, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. That's what I liked about Ronan the most: he knew what to say and when to say it. “Let's go and get some breakfast before we start our long day.”

We were supposed to discuss plans with Bellamy and Brielle about the wedding, then I'd have to call the wedding party. So far, I had six of my girls in mind. My maid of honor would be Ronan's sister, Siobhan. I didn't even bother asking my sister Louise because she hates weddings as it is. I'm pushing it already by making her one of my bridesmaids. You see, Louise is in that rebel stage where you hate the world and think you'll make a difference by listening to depressing music and wearing black to make a statement.

“'Ello, this is Izzy speaking.” My best friend Isabel said through the phone, her voice sounded bored as usual. That's just how Izzy was.

“Izzy? It's Emme.” I said, trying to sound as cheerful as I could.

“Oh my God! Emme? Where have you been? Did Ronan kidnap you? Are you being traded in exchange of a petroleum company?” Yeah... she made a lot of twisted jokes.

“Iz, I'm okay.” I said. “Actually, I'm great. You see, I don't have much time, but I was wondering if you'd like to be one of my bridesmaids.”

“You're finally getting married.” She said, total astonishment in her voice. That was a difficult feat to accomplish and I had done it.

“Yes. So, will you?”

“You bet!” She yelled. “Oh goodness, you're getting married!” Izzy squealed and I could imagine her almost crushing the phone, the way she does whenever she's excited about something.

“Well, Iz, I've gotta call the other girls. I'll see you this week. The company will make sure to send you your boarding ticket and such. You're coming to Paris.” I said, a smile formed on my lips. I actually missed the girls. I had been busy with work and studies that we'd barely saw each other these days.

“Paris?!” She yelled even louder. “Oh my God, I am officially jealous.”

I laughed, “See you soon, Iz. I can't wait!”

“Me neither!” Click. Next call.


Siobhan was actually surprised that Louise wasn't going to be my bridesmaid. She gracefully accepted the maid of honor duties and said that she'd be delighted to help with anything she could. That's what I loved about Siobhan. She actually understood me. I'm sure we'd make a great team.

As for the other girls... Louise said that this brought her immense pain, that I had to submit to marriage in order to make Ronan happy. That she was more than okay with being by herself and that she didn't need a male figure in order to make her happy. She was a woman of strong conviction and she wouldn't settle for any man... maybe except for a guy that looked like Jared Leto but that wasn't as douchey as him. I agreed with her, just to make her shut up. Louise always had a rant, that's why I avoided spending extra time with her.

Alisha was excited about visiting Paris and she said she'd love to help me out with decorations. I told her that would come in handy and thanked her for it. Out of my group of girlfriends, Alisha was the most organized. Sometimes she reminded me of myself, but she looked like a model and I looked average. She wore a size two, enough said.

Stace kept squealing and giggling and said that maybe we could do a superhero theme and Ronan would be Superman and I'd be Lois Lane, even after I told her we already had a theme, 'Monet's Garden at Giverny'. She said that we could still do the Superman thing (Ronan would wear a Superman shirt underneath his tux). I told her she was crazy, then she scoffed, and she said that she'd stop living vicariously through me. I didn't know what to say, so I told her I'd see her in Paris and hung up the phone.

Finally, I called Kelly. She was one of my assistants at the Louvre. No one took her seriously because she was young (18 years old) but I always had a special place in my heart for Kelly. She was the only one in there who always remembered about me and brought me coffee every single day, accompanied by a macaroon. If that's not love, then I don't know what love is.

Kelly finally picked up the phone with a meek, “Hello, this is Kelly speaking.” Kelly's actually her surname, but no one really knows her first name. I'm sure it's in her contract somewhere, but we've always called her Kelly.

“Hey, Kelly. It's Emme.” I said, slightly frightened by what she had to say. What if someone had taken over my spot? I could not bear not having a job at the Louvre. That was my dream job. Well, they actually let me take a leave because I had accumulated more than two months of vacations (I've never been on a proper vacation ever since I got there), so I highly doubt that whoever's in my position is going to stay there full-time.

“Emmeline? Oh, is it really you?” She squealed.

“Yeah! Hi!” I said cheerfully. “Listen, I'll make this quick, since you're busy at work. Do you want to be a bridesmaid at my wedding?”

Silence. “Are you serious?” She asked incredulously. “I've never been asked to do anything like that before.”

“Well, I am now.”

“Oh, Emme! It would be an honor!” More squeals.

“Thank you dear, I'll make sure production sends you your boarding ticket as soon as possible.”

“Production?” Kelly asked confused.

“Yeah, long story.”



Maid of Honor: Siobhan – Marion Cotillard

Louise – Lindsey Shaw
Isabel (Izzy) – Rebel Wilson
Alisha – Jourdan Dunn
Stace – Alexandra Breckenridge
Kelly – Antonia Thomas


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