I woke up to the weird sound of birds chirping outside of our window. I got up and went out on the balcony of our suite the morning sun was shinning and it was still very foggy on the sea, the boathouse overlooked. I breathed in the fresh air and took it all in, we never got mornings this beautiful on the Upper East Side of New York. While I was standing there lost in the morning I felt a warm body come up behind me. I turned around and it was Sean still in his boxers and me in my robe I greeted him with a long, wet, sensual kiss. We paused and just stood there in the beautiful setting gazing in each others eyes "I love you." he said forehead pressed against mines "I love you more." I turned back around as he still held me from behind. We just stood there on the balcony for a while. Moments like this is why I could never get enough of Sean. The passion I felt in my heart as he held me, kissed me, and hugged me drove me crazy. I never felt feelings so strong about anyone I had ever dated before. Sean was truly a first and it sometimes scared me. I wondered sometimes I mean I know that he knows I love him but does he actually know how much I love him or just how strong my feeling actually were? Did he know I would do anything and everything in my power to make him happy and to be with him? I mean I actually felt like I could knock down a brick wall just to get to him. I loved him so much sometimes it really scared me. All these feelings ran and wandered aimlessly through my head as he held me. "How about I take you sailing today, babe?" he said breaking the chain of silence I looked at him "Sean do you know how to sail a sail boat?" 
"Do I know how to sail a sail boat? Shoot yeah! My uncle was the master of sail boating and he used to take me and my brothers all the time!" Sean's uncle had died in a plane crash three years ago. He always talked about the good times they had together and I could tell he was very fond of him just the way his eyes sparkled as he would recalled some of the times he shared with him. "You never told me that I would love for you to take me sail boating babe!" 
"Well let's get dressed and grab something to eat and I'll take you. You're going to love it!" We went back into our suite and we both got dressed. I knew the weather was gonna be war so I grabbed my Heliconia tank top dress and threw on my Corso Black flat sandals. We grabbed some brunch, and hit the sea for my first sailboating expedition.
Sean was right he was a natural with sailboating, I watched as he guided the sails to get the perfect amount of wind. I was kind of scared first at how the boat just jilted and glided each time a gust of wind blew. But Sean comforted me and I felt at ease after a while. Then he lowered the sails and we sat out in the middle of the sea. It was so pretty just kind of like we were on a deserted island. I was sitting on the side of the boat and I was barefoot. One of my feet were wading in the water and Sean was massaging the other. He had taken off his shirt and his chest was so built and masculine. I was trying extremely hard to contain myself but I could tell I was gonna give any minute. "I just can't get over how pretty it is out here." I said gazing into nothing but straight sea. "Yeah it is beautiful, a place like this really helps you to realx, you know?" 
"Well I'm glad because it should help you" I said "you need some relaxing after the week you've had." The la cross team had won that away game and he was very relieved. "Yeah all this and being here with you to top it off. What more could I need?" he said looking right in my eyes. I melted he was looking so good "That's it!" I thought to myself I leaned in and my lips touched his soft warm lips slowly. We kissed and I my tongue caressed his lips, soft wet and slowly. I was getting moist and my insides were doing loop the loops with every second that we kissed. His hand eased slowly up my shirt and I could feel his big bare hand grab my breast. I moaned and we slowly laid down in the boat and he laid me back. We kissed but know more vigorous and passionate. His tall muscular brown frame above me, I looked at him with a sexual hunger. I wanted him so bad! He slowly kissed my neck and move down to my chest as he did this he raised my dress rubbing and caressing my thigh and slid my undies down. I wanted him so bad I couldn't wait so through all of the kissing I managed to get on top of him. He looked at me in amazement as I took charge and I could feel him through his pants I unbuckled them and I slid onto him slowly savoring every second of the feeling. I moaned as I felt him and we started a steady rhythm. The sail boat rocking with us against the waves of the sea. I felt so good at that moment and Sean could barely speak "Doci-...a Ohhh" I was so driven by this and speeded up the rhythm and then at the same moment we reached our highest peak of bliss. I fell onto his chest we were both breathing heavily. There we fell asleep in the boat him holding me on his chest. After a while we awoke Sean sailed us back to shore, We held hands and laughed and played as we headed up to our suite. When we got there we packed our things and we headed back to VA.
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