The search for 'Polyvore's style council '

The search for 'Polyvore's style council '
Do you think your a trendsetting girl who knows a thing or two about personal style? Well, put your knowledge to the test and enter the brand new group, " the search for Polyvore's style Council"
every week we will have challenges of your personal style. Each contest will have one winner and they shall be added as moderator. Once we have maybe 15-20 people in the council, I could start a separate blog or polyvore account or something, so each member could blog about there personal style.
Hosted by: @shellebelle
the official members
1. @theclownprincess
2. @frilly-and-feminine
3. @green-jello
4. @xoashleyyxo
5. @sweetcaroline2
6. @xobellerenee
7. @forever-sushan
8. @jennycaterina
9. @emily-will-be-chasing-pavements
10. @my-time-to-shine
11. @sunkissed-maria
12. @sailorhoe
13. @juliacouture
14. @mydearcaroline
15. @angelechantelle

Follow the style council account: @polyvore-style-council
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