Seawolf Gold Avalon Ring
  • Alchemy Ring Set
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    This set of 2 rings fit together snugly and can be worn together or separately. The sterling silver ring with a faceted onyx gemstone is partnered with a brass sister ring with a triangular malachite. Both rings have matching beaten & oxidised finish.
  • Theurgy Ring
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    Theurgy is the act of a ritual performed to achieve oneness with a god or deity, in order to achieve Henosis. According to the Greek philosopher Proclus, theurgy is ""a power higher than all human wisdom embracing the blessings of divination, the purifying powers of initiation and in a word all the operations of divine possession""
  • Nightingale Ring
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    The Art Nouveau and Deco elements are reflected in the custom cut pentagonal stone with delicate feminine chain ring joiner.