{The Second-Hand People} Georgia Y.

{The Second-Hand People}: http://www.polyvore.com/secondhand_people_tsp/group.show?id=167716
Georgia Y.
18, Danbury
Georgia truly believes that it is her destiny to become a donor, and that there is no better way to help other people. She is perfectly content with her situation and has never dreamed of following a different path. Georgia is ever the optimist and she has a real talent for cheering up most of the other girls, though some of them wonder how on Earth she's able to be so perky with her first donation right around the corner. Two popular theories are that she's simply putting on a brave face, or that the guardians at Danbury never allowed her to face the reality of life in The National Donor Program.
Model: Elsa Hosk
Audition: coming soon

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