Alexander Skarsgard as Scorpius (Adrien Strömvik)
My life as a Vampire Slayer | The Second Vampire Lover | Spike
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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
perfect set :)

Wrote 4 years ago
nice choice! I like alex, he really looks like a vampire sometimes... his father is an amazing actor too!



OTH ღ The O.C. ღ Vampire diaries ღ Grey's anatomy ღ Gossip girl ღ Game of thrones ღ True Blood ღ Pretty little liars ღ Twilight ღ Harry Potter ღ Hunger Games

OTH ღ The O.C. ღ Vampire diaries ღ Grey's anatomy ღ Gossip girl ღ Game of thrones ღ True Blood ღ Pretty little liars ღ Twilight ღ Harry Potter ღ Hunger Games

If you are a fan of these amazing tv shows and movies please join and submit all your wonderful sets!
We need more amazing fans :)
And please only sets with these shows, Twilight, HP and THG or its actors.. nothing else!

the 10 guys challenge

the 10 guys challenge

you remember a guy not just by his looks; but you also remember them by the impact they have in your life - whether its a good or bad one, you'll always remember them.
♫ After completing the list, please create a collection titled, "10 guys challenge," PM one of us the link and we'll put you on the hall of fame + like every set. Thanks and have fun!
the guys;
the 10 guys challenge.
(1) the husband, the love of your life
(2) your wedding day guilt, the guy you have sex with during your bachelorette party
(3) your date, the one who won you during an auction
(4) heart breaker, your first guy that breaks your heart
(5) gay best friend
(6) your shoulder to cry on
(7) the brother you've always wanted
(8) the one night stand
(9) your movie star boyfriend
(10) the rock star you would date
hall of fame
[01] Gina007 II December 18th 2010
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[06] ~{Chrystal Caper}~ ll December 24th 2010
[07] BEExxo ll December 25th 2010.
[08] ♥*! EeeZzz Shortstack ♥*! ll December 25th 2010
[09] Don't really know II December 26th 2010
[10] ⓛⓨⓝⓝ♥ⓟⓔⓛⓛⓔⓣⓘⓔⓡ ll December 26th 2010
[11] Veinfully Panic ll December 27th 2010
[12] ※KaϊՇℓყnღ ll December 27th 2010
[13] Tinkɛrbɛɭɭ {on} ll December 27th 2010
[14] fiendishthingy II December 27th 2010
[15] notallama ll December 28th 2010.
[16] Daydream※Believer{On} ll December 28th 2010
[17]LaceLeatherRockNroll ll December 28th 2010
[18] pri <3's rathbone(jan25th) ll December 28th 2010
[19] jadoreingrid ll December 28th 2010
[20] Tania L.ll December 29th 2010
[21] Vicki; ll December 29th 2010
[22] Ruh Weasley-Cullen ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[23] The.Jean.Genie ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[24] ADDICTED; to fashion {<3} ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[25] {Teenage Dream} ON II December 29th 2010
[26] ~Deh~ .ll December 30th 2010

[27] {▲ ℓost in Իℯaℓitყ ▲} II December 30th 2010 -

[28] (-- dearly departed --) II December 30th 2010 -

[29] Aмвεɾ Eℓιzαвετн-Mαɾιε II December 30th 2010 -
[30] awkardly perfect ll December 30th 2010 -

[31] egoods ll December 30th 2010 -
[32]SillγSρaяklзs ll December 30th 2010 -
[33] dancingwithtears ll December 30th 2010
[34]☮♥♫need a little change♥♫ ll December 31st 2010
[35]Irtis ll December 31st 2010
[36] ♥ Caroline ♥ (busy) ll December 31st
[37] from_yesterday II January 1st 2011
[38] no☆average☆angel II January 1st 2011
[39] shayne strikes again☮ ll January 1st 2011
[40] [Smokey Fuzz ♥ ] ll January 1st 2011
[41] муѕтι¢♥qυєєη II January 1st 2011
[42] ashley♥petrova { B-day Jan 23rd} ll January 1st 2011
[43] ♥PurpleNurples♥ ll January 1st 2011
[44] -youthfulrebellion ll January 1st 2011
[45] [puckerr upp] ll January 1st 2011
[46] -comε αℓong pond. ♥ ll January 2nd 2011

[47]˙▽˙_❤ColdHearted26❤_˙▽˙ ll January 2nd 2011
[48] -Michaela.♥ ツ ll January 3rd 2011
[49] ❀ՇinkerbellƬorieღ ll January 3rd 2011
[50] maяia™ ll January 3rd 2011
[51] ❀ՇinkerbellƬorieღ II January 3rd 2011
[52]hellohellobaby ll January 4th 2011
[53]Hannah_Grace ll January 4th 2011

[54] bookworm<3 ll January 5th 2011
[55] кiʟʟյסʏ❦ʟɑмʙeʀτ ll January 5th 2011
[56] sa.sins II January 5th 2011
[57] rαther be in nαrniα. II January 5th 2011
[58]sumz; ll January 6th 2011
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[60] Mrs. CarlieTwilight D. Salvatore ll 6th January 2011

[61] ▲TakeABiteOfMyHeartTonight▲ ll 6th January 2011
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[109] get-scared-lover911 II 21st November 2011

My Life as a Vampire Slayer

My Life as a Vampire Slayer

Have you ever heard of a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Have you ever wonder what your life would be like as the slayer? Well this Challenge group is about bring that dream to life, well to your computer screen.
In this challenge you will get a chance to cast the roles of the characters of your life as the slayer. Another name for this group could be called Remake: Buffy the Vampire Slayer for that is exactly what you'll be doing. Each character in your life is going to be like characters Buffy had in her life. So start casting!!
When you've finished the challenge, PM the link to your collection to either one of the mods.
This idea came from a template I made and from my co-moderator @magicmenagerie.
The template can be found here:
@magicmenagerie's collection -
@lexieannmalfoy's collection-
Part I:
1. You as the Slayer (Buffy)
2. Your Witch Best Friend (Willow)
3. Your Normal but Goofy Friend (Xander)
4. Your Watcher (Giles)
5. Your First Vampire Lover (Angel)
6. Your Second Vampire Lover (Spike)
7. The Popular Girl/Boy (Cordelia)
8. The Werewolf (OZ)
9. The Shy Witch (Tara)
10. The Ex-Demon (Anya)
11. Your Sibling (Dawn)
12. Your Soldier Normal Lover (Riley)
13. The Bad Slayer (Faith) *Even though she wasn't bad in the end*
14. A Big Bad (Villain) *Can be any one*
15. Your Mom (Joyce)
16. Your High School Nerd (Jonathan)
17. Your Live-in Nerd (Andrew)
18. The Son of Another Slayer (Principal Wood)
19. Your Watcher's Girl/Boyfriend (Jenny)
20. A Potential Slayer (Kennedy, Amanda, Vi)

Part II: Angel Characters *Excluding Angel & Cordelia* & some Buffy Characters
1. The Ex-Watcher (Wesley)
2. The Physicist turn God-King (Fred/Illyria)
3. The Half-Brachen Demon (Doyle)
4. The Vampire Hunter (Gunn)
5. The Deathwok Clan Demon (Lorne)
6. The Kid of two Vampires (Connor)
7. The Annoying Vampire (Harmony)
8. The Crazy Vampire (Drusilla)
9. The Twice Turn Vampire (Darla)
10. The Detective (Kate)
11. The One-Hand Lawyer (Lindsey)
12. The No-Head Lawyer (Lilah)
*If you can think of a better name for Lindsey and Lilah that be great*
13. The 200 Years Old Vampire Hunter (Holtz)
14. The Blessed Devourer (Jasmine)
15. The Girl/Boy with Many Names (Anne, Sister Sunshine, Chanterelle, and Lily)
16. The Annoying Principal (Principal Snyder)
17. The Rat Witch (Amy)
18. The Watcher Ex-Friend (Ethan)
19. The Hell-Goddess Human Side (Ben)
20. Another Big Bad (Any Villain) *Can be either from Buffy or Angel*
P.S. You can add Part II to your Part I collection or make a second collection. :)

>>Wall of Fame:<<

Original Characters

Original Characters

For all the sets of your original characters. Whether they be fan related, or from a fantasy of your own. Contests will be held regularly.


It's all in the Bag!!!

It's all in the Bag!!!

1,831 sets from 126 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Submit sets that feature your Favorite Bag!
(Example set by our Fab. susanvance-25 )

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