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Hi girlies ( :
So, this set i really made to talk to you all about something that i have been thinking about a lot lately, and that is self-confidence . i know that every girl (and guy) in their life has at least once has felt self concious and it can really bring you down sometimes (i know it has me). A lot of girls i have found (including myself) compare themselves to other girls that they see, whether it be celebrities, your friends, or just girls you see on the street and it can really make you feel down about yourself. i have found ways to make myself more confident in my own appearence, and i wanted to share a few of them with you because i want you all to know that you are beautiful no matter what anyone tells you ( :
A few quick tips :
1 * instead of comparing yourself to others, you should know that nobody is perfect, including that person . so, instead aim for being Y O U R best and work with what you have, because once you start realizing your own beauty, everybody else will see it too ( :
2 * if you still can't shake comparing yourself to others, then next time you compare yourself to that person, think to yourself what is it that you are really loving about that person, and then try to incorporate whatever that is into your own life . so, for example if you like that they are really outgoing, start trying new things and maybe trying things that you wouldn't normally do ( : or if you really like their style, you can definitely either ask where they got the outfit or if its a celebrity you can look and pictures of them and try to incorporate pieces that you like into your own wardrobe ! 
3 * Be who you want to be and don't try to change for anyone, because you will be much happier if you are not trying to be something your not . it is a lot more work trying to be like someone else, it takes no work at all to be yourself : D
well that is just a few for now....if you would like a few more tips for boosting your confidence than i would be happy to add a couple more . 
Anyway, this set is of the lovely Eleanor Calder and the extremely handsome Louis Tomlinson . Now lets face it girls, i know that most of us wish that we could be with Louis, since he is so incredibly amazing. But, unfortunately unless you live in England and your name is Eleanor Calder, we will just have to continue to dream ; ) Luckily though for Lou (and i guess kind of for us) Eleanor is perfectly lovely and seems like a great match for him and we will just have to be happy for him ( : Plus she has the most marvelous style ever ! ! If i could switch wardrobes with one person, she just might be it . 
Also, how adorable does Louis look ?!
So, excuse my really long rant-y description hehe, and i hope that you like the set ( : and leave any suggestions or comments below ! !
Have a lovely day !
xx, Marissa
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