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name: Ylenia
age: 21
hometown: Torino (north Italy)
nickname: well here Little bastard or just Yle
birthday: july 11th
education: graduated from linguistic high school, graduating in economics and management. Hope future fashion marketing manager.
siblings: a sister (26)
sexual preference: (bearded) men
religion: Christianity
relationship status : single single single 

hair color: brunette
eye color: light blue
height: 41 kg (please no comments like "so skinny, eat something", really i eat a lot, it's just constitution and a really fast metabolism)
shoe size: 36-37 (eu size)
ethnicity: italian
dye your hair: just highlight or hennè (i'm not so brave to change my color hair)
any braces: no
any glasses: nope (just sunglasses)
any piercings: just one (at the top of the ear)

color: blue and lillac (pink)
tv show(s): pretty little liars, gossip girl, awkward, and the old ones like O.C, beverly hills 90210, sex and the city, Dawson's Creek (don't judge i'm a 90's kid!! ;P)
food: pasta, gelato, chocolate, croissant, pizza
drink: water (i have a confession to do: i don't like coca cola!) and espresso
alcoholic drink: mojito
day of the week: saturday and sunday
number: 3
season: summer
song: love of my life - Queen, come undone- Robbie Williams
sport: swim
clothing store: zara, hm
restaurant: italian
radio station: 105 (it's italian)
candy: tic tac (mint) but i'm not a great eater of candy!!
starbucks drink: vanilla latte
holiday: summer
magazine: cosmopolitan
flower: white orchid and peony
tv channel: sky art hd, mtv, real time

random questions.
do you find smoking unattractive? no, but i don't like smoke
is there someone you’ll never forget? my family and my closest friends
when's the last time you pm’d someone? 30 minutes ago
where would you live? London, LA or NYC
do you get distracted easily? sometimes
do you think flirting is cheating? mmm I think flirting comes naturally if you like someone, but yes sometimes it could be cheat
are you looking forward to anything? i'm a bad organizer anyway i'd like to work in marketing in future
when is the last time you punched someone in the face? this evening but just for joke to a friend of mine who was still thinking about his ex (B*itch)
does it take a lot to make you cry? no, i hate cry in public too
could you go an entire year without cursing? NO

that or that.
dog or cat? cats! (another confession: i'm afraid of dogs ahahah)
iphone or android?: iphone (hate my windows phone, i'm going to change it)
hugs or kisses? kisses 
twitter, facebook or instagram? mmm maybe twitter but i don't use them sooo WhatsApp!!
theatre or netflix? theater
day or night? day
spend or save? save
text or call? it dipends..if it's a situation i can't talk (like embarrassment, shame, lie)text

have you ever:
drank alcohol? yes
smoked anything? yes
had sex? no
been to another country? yes
been to a concert? yes
yelled at someone? yes
got into a fight? yes 
told a lie? yes
been out of state/country? yes and yes
snuck into a movie? maybe
failed a test? oooh yes 
been in love? real love? hard question, in love yes but i think it wasn't real love
met someone famous? yes (all italians)
been in a car accident? yes (last december)
cussed at your parents? mm I can't remember, maybe 
been cheated on? no

the last thing you've done:
person you kissed: on the cheek 2 friends
person you saw: my sister on the bed
thing you did: walked out
thing you ate? chicken
called: my mom
called you: my friend

five people that mean a lot to you on this website:
@queenb-nyc @are-you-with-me @rainie-minnie @leannesugarplum: all my inspirators and @valentain 
five things you love: shopping, going to a concert, swimming in a cristal blue sea, travel, bake
five things you hate: critiques, rain, lost bus, bugs, leeks
five things you can’t live without: books, bed, my fav bag, all make up, hair straightener
tag five people: anyone want to do it!! :D
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