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Frankie Baker; collab with the amazing @nadiaa, finally :333

The morning light filtered through the glass windows lightening up the whole room and dissipating minute by minute the december grayness but not the cold. I entered starbucks, giving a quick look at my watch, mentally high-fiving me for being on time once in a while. I sat at my favourite table, a bit hidden just behind the bar, adjusting the short skirt on my legs before stretching slowly. I had my favourite caramel mocha warming me up since i was freezing and i was in a good humour even though it was 7 am . I leaned my head against the leather of the armchair i was sitting on, closing my eyes and enjoying the adorable, yet destined to end, feeling of doing nothing, sighing in relief. 

An harsh scratching of a chair on the flooe reminded me that i wasn't alone after all; i snorted glaring with resentment at the dark-haired, young man who had just caused the hullabaloo, moving a chair from on table to an another with the grace of a marching elephant. 'Goodmorning to you too, sunshine' i stated as a matter of fact, pointing my fresh vernished finger towards him, bringing with the other the hot cup to my lips. I sipped, slightly burning my tongue with it, still staring the man who gently ignored me dipping his head in the pages of the Ny time. I puffed noisily, flipping back the braid i had styled my hair into when he raised his eyes from the news to meet my eyes with a tight smile. He sat few tables from me, the head leaning against the palm of his hand with an absorbed look on his handsome face, 'huh-' he groaned, raising a brow at me, 'did you just speak?' He asked with a dry smile and i couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. I turned up my nose at his attitude, 'more like an hour ago. Are you deaf or what?' I replied, keeping a straight face and drinking my coffee, 'you entered this place like a an hurricane. Did you get up of the wrong side of the bed?' I eventually joked trying to act nice (ignoring the fact that he had just ruined my five minutes of starbucks heaven. a little smile played on my lips.

'I didn't even noticed there was somebody here, sorry' he shrugged going back to his reading without a second glance. What? Was i invisible? 'You work at vogue, do you?' I asked, trying to make some conversation, he raised again his eyes nodding his head yes. I wasn't a morning person really but i liked being polite, at least with my colligues. i remembered seeing him working on a computer in the morning...a photographer, if i remembered correctly. A good one, even. 'Yup' he replied, giving me sort of a cold scanning look, 'how about you? I haven't seen you on the latest issue' he didn't sound very sad about missing it. i even felt a tiny hint of hatred in his harsh words. 'me? A model?' I laughed sincerely, tossing my hair back and he seemed perplexed somehow. 'i'm not. I'm a fashion buyer' he looked at me with wide eyes before smirking slowly, 'what kind of job is that? Does it even exist?' What was wrong with this kid? One second he was a bear and the second later he behaved absolutely friendly....... I pouted, placing some wisps behind my ear, blushing and getting all worked-up 'of course!!!' He grinned at my half-upset, half-vexed expression, 'just joking' he leant his head to the left before smiling, 'i just thought-'. I nodded, 'You were wrong. but i'm impressed: you must be one of the few men on this planer who hates models. And i who thought that they were everybody's erotic dream........' I replied dramatically, holding a smile, 'i'm frankie by the way' i added, while he raised to walk slowly to my table to sit in front of me, 'landon'.

He gave me his hand to shake. I took it and grinned, "Are you always this pleasant in the morning?" He grinned and rang his fingers through his hair, "I thought you were a snobby model." He shrugged, "I couldn't help it." I raised a brow, "And you don't like models?" I asked him. He shook his head, "I dislike them… Highly dislike them." He grinned, "I'm about to get divorced from one…" I smirked, "Okay, now I get it." "Sorry, I'm usually not an a.sshole, but it is early and I was thinking you're a brat." He shrugged with a smirk. "I am not a brat. You definitely need to chill though; even if I was a model, doesn't mean I'm the devil." I joked, sipping my coffee. He nodded, "Okay, so I definitely was a d.ick to you… sorry." He gave me an apologetic smile. I shrugged, "Don't worry about it… It's not the worst attitude I've ever gotten before." I said, making him grin.

'don't tell me' he teased me, sarcastically, crossing arms on his chest and leaning against the couch back. 'it's not easy to have boobs in the latter days..' i bit down on my bottom lips, placing both my hands under my chin and sighing dramatically. 'we have to prove ourselves worth more than men, in the working enviroment' i added, sounding more serious than i wanted to 'the whole story about equal opportunities is a bluff' he raised a brow, vaguely impressed by my words. 'you certainly are not a model' he muttered, shrugging with a playful smile. i raised a brow quizzically, 'i thought we already ascertained it'. he tried to keep a straight, indifferent face while i gestured vaguely 'by the way, models are not as dumb as you picture them....' his lips tightened in a cold smile, 'if you say so'. i smirked, tossing the hair on my forehead back in place, 'that's called prejudice, landon'. 'it's more like self-preservation' he joked, his smile not matching his eyes. 'she surely broke your heart.... your wife, i mean' i stated before biting my tongue for being so indiscreet with him, since i had just met him. 'ex wife' he pointed out,"Well almost, if she'll sign the damn papers." He said with a sigh. 

"She doesn't want to let you go?" He shook his head, "Maybe she finally realized what she cheated on." I grinned, "And honestly, she screwed up." "What do you mean?" He grinned. "C'mon Landon… you're incredibly handsome and smart and a hard worker… She's an idiot." He laughed, "Thanks… It doesn't matter though. Not much I can do with all this until she signs the papers… I'm still technically married." "You sound disappointed…" i trailed off, giving him a look. He shrugged and cleared his throat, "Well… there's kind of somebody." He said, looking away, assuming a thoughtfully expression. "Ooh la la." I joked with a smirk, "Who's the special lady?" He shrugged with a small smirk, "I don't think you know her…" he said offhandedly, "Anyways… I don't feel like I can do anything unless I get divorced." "Well you're separated right?" He nodded, "And you're friends with the girl?" He nodded again, "Then I don't see a probably. Screw your wife… Metaphorically, not literally." I smirked. "What do you mean?" He asked, confused. "Tell the girl you like her, be honest. I doubt she won't like you back, you're too pretty." I joked, "But in all honesty, You're separated, I don't see a problem." "So I should start cheating on my wife?" He laughed. I shrugged, "She did it first". "I guess." He winked, looking at me like everything i said had made sense.

"this girl must be special" i joked, teasingly, while he grinned back. "Well, she is...." he tried to keep a straight face but he really seemed uncomfortable speaking about his feelings. "You don't have to tell /me/, luckily." I replied holding a smile to don't embarass him further, "what about you?". I raised a brow at his sudden change of subject, "nothing". He laughed, raising a brow clearly not believing me "i bet you say that a lot". I panted dramatically, "somebody special?" Landon asked smiling playfully. I shrugged, "not really". Was i the most boring person on earth? I didn't date since....ages hiding myself behind the powerful excuse of work but it didn't seem to hold anymore. "And please, don't foist me the work pretext" ,"mind-reader?" I joked, giggling visibly. He shook his head, a-slug, "just a good observer". 

"I have a giant crush on our marketing expert" i stated quietly, not daring to meet landon's eyes and blushing furiously. he laughed back, "graham?" I nodded, still moving my faze on the floor like it was the most interesting thig in the world. "he is a good guy" he added, with a smile on his handsome face, "i know". He quizzically looked at me in silece, "so you know him...." I nodded, eventually moving my eyes to meet his. "He asked me out" he frowned, leaning his head against the palm of his hand, "and?". I rolled my eyes, "i declined of course". He seemed more confused than ever, "because....". I sighed, moving uncomfortably on my chair, "...because i'm horrid in relationship". Landon's face enlightened in a wide smile, "you are a strabge creature, frankie". I bit down my bottom lip, "thanks for notice it". "i'll speak to graham personally" i felt my cheeks on fire, "no!!" i cried, before turning to give an apologetical smile at the other people in the room, "don't" i hissed, giving him my best bad look. He laughed again, giving a quick look at his watch, "unluckily i have to be ready for a photoshoot in five minutes" he grabbed his mobile and the newspaper on the table, pushing them on the bottom of his huge bag. "landon, please" i whispered, passing a hand through my hair, "i'll turn into your personal Cupid" he grinned michieviously before raising from the chair and making his way out of the starbucks. I run after him, "i'm a big girl". His eyes moved up and down my body, "really, i wouldn't have guessed..". I pouted, playfully elbowing him between his ribs. He sideglanced at me while we both together to work, patting me on a shoulder lightly. i mentally scolded myself for being so imprudent to tell him. Landon turned to me, winking "no need to thank me, gorgeous. Not yet at least". 

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