- fooled me again (honest eyes) [live acoustic version] by lady gaga

hometown; San Diego, California 
occupation; high school chemistry teacher 
likes; chemistry, her daughter, teaching, freshly cut flowers, cooking, science, the ocean, literature, indie music, educated men, her husband, vintage, coffee, knitting, surf rock music, California, pastels, art. 
dislikes; degenerate high school kids, the drug circuit, cancer, looking for work, idiots, degenerates in general, mainstream music, ignorance, coughing. 
Vasilisa is very passionate about science - maybe that's why she got her bachelors degree, her masters degree, and her teaching credentials all in four short years at Stanford University. As soon as she graduated college, she got a job teaching chemistry at J.P. Wynne High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There she met her husband, fellow English teacher Johnny Blythe. Their relationship moved fairly fast - the two moved in and got engaged in a quick, six month period. The two married within the year, and only after two months, Lissa learned she was pregnant. Now, a year later, Lissa and her husband live together in a small, Albuquerque home with their 15 month old daughter, Aria White - Blythe. As for the money, well, the income of two teachers doesn't quite cover it all. Lissa had been searching for a second job to take on when she learned the daunting news; she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Still, no one knows of her diagnosis, not even her husband, but Lissa figured out the perfect way to not only make enough money to solve all their financial problems, but to help Johnny with all the expenses after her death. She knows her chemistry certainly... so why not cook meth? 
(Phoebe Tonkin) 


A loud cry rang out. I rubbed my eyes harshly, feeling pure exhaustion course through my veins. My nights had been like this, endlessly, for 15 long months. 

I couldn’t wait until my daughter could actually sleep through the night.

I nudged my husband’s bare side, feeling the contours of his ribs under the thin sheet. He groaned.

“Johnny, why don’t you change her for once?” I begged. I took care of her in the morning, I felt like adding. At five in the morning, mind you, when you were still asleep. We both had to be at work at the same time, though my day felt an eternity longer.

Johnny rolled onto his side facing me.

“Liss, nights are your thing.”

I nearly cried.



I groaned myself, very loudly, mind you, and pushed the covers back. My warm feet hit the cold hardwood abruptly as I winced. Goddammit, we really needed to invest in a heater. Nights got cold, even in New Mexico. Except heaters cost money and we were teachers. Money and teaching doesn’t really go hand in hand.

I managed to avoid banging into my night table by an inch as I shuffled into the hallway, heading straight for the crying. The door was propped open slightly, the pink walls visible even in the dead of night. A stripe of baby blue etched around the room dramatically, following her name painted above it. ‘Aria’, in my delicate swirl. I messed up on one corner, I recalled. That would always bug me.

I reached Aria’s crib and bent over to retrieve her, cradling her in my arms. It was almost as if she immediately sensed my presence; the crying ceased. I rocked her rhythmically before kissing the top of her small, pink forehead. She smelt like baby powder and shampoo.

Motherhood was exhausting… but could sometimes be rewarding.


Johnny shoveled a forkful of eggs into his mouth as he sat across from me at the breakfast table. I watched with feign interest as he ate; I didn’t feel good enough to eat myself. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into me lately, but food had become a minor priority.

“So, the superintendent came into my classroom mid lesson and-” I probably should have been, but I wasn’t really listening to Johnny’s story.

I nodded, uninterested.

To my dismay, he caught on.

“Lissa, are you okay?” He asked, setting his fork down. “You’ve been acting… strange lately.”

I shrugged.

That’s when I felt a ball of fire rise up in my chest.

Okay, no, that was a lie. But it felt equivalent.

I couldn’t breathe properly and the only way I could was by clearing my lungs.

I coughed violently.

“Jeez Lissa! Are you okay?”

I finally managed to maintain my breath.

“I’m fine… just a little sick,” I wheezed before checking the clock on the far wall. “It’s time for work…” 


“Okay, so you just follow the molar road conversion chart and convert the grams of Oxygen to moles of Oxygen to moles of Hydrogen to grams of Hydrogen…” I picked up a black, expo marker and uncapped it, leaning across the white board and drawing the formula I explained. “Through this conversion, you can take the grams of one value in the chemical equation and find another.”

The high school students in front of me seemed bored. Of course, the molar road didn’t interest them, much less moles themselves. The idea of moles had been one of my favorite scientific concepts and I couldn’t even get certain students to pass a stupid molar quiz!

God, teenagers sucked.

“Now, let’s try this example…” I began writing a chemical equation underneath the previous one when my throat closed up again. My lungs ached and screamed from within my rib cage.

I began coughing again, nastier than before, using my arm to prop me upright.

Students’ heads shot up. Every pair of eyes in the classroom settled attentively on me. I wiped my mouth.

“Miss White, are you okay?” One junior girl called. She was smart… and sweet. I waved her off.

“I’m fine, Whitney, thank you. Just a little sick,” I replied, clearing my throat again. The wave of pain passed.

“Now, back to the molar road,” I drowned on, writing the equation on the board.


I followed Johnny inside the house, dragging my purse behind me.

“Would you mind picking up Aria from daycare?” I asked, collapsing onto the couch. “I’m not feeling very good and would rather not share my sickness with a bunch of toddlers.”

Johnny set his briefcase down on the counter and walked towards me, a frown set across his hard jaw.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Someone told me you had another coughing fit in fifth period.”

I waved off his concern.

“Seriously, it’s just a cold… could you pick up Aria?”

Johnny grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me hard. “I’ll pick her up, baby, okay? And I’ve got nights from now on.”

I smiled thankfully at him. “Thank you, baby. Love you.”

I watched as he made his way back outside of the house and into his car, starting it off and disappearing down the street.

Wait. Did he have the car seat in his car?!?

Wait. Yes, he did.

I sighed.

Always worrying.

I kicked off my shoes and propped my feet up on the coffee table, feeling another wave of pain begin in my lungs. I held my breath in order to prevent the painful coughing but couldn’t help releasing a few choked out breaths.

My cell rang, a loud, startling bleep.

I picked up my bag and began searching through it, finding the phone after a few prolonged seconds. It was an Albuquerque number I didn’t have programmed.

I clicked to accept the call and pressed the receiver against my ear.


“Is this Vasilisa White?” A stuffy female voice chirped on the other end. I sighed and found myself nodding, even though she couldn’t see me.

“Yes, this is she.”

“Hi, I am Dr. Shephard calling from the Albuquerque Medical Center. I’d prefer to have this conversation in person but seeing as we are both pressed for time, I decided to give you a call. Do you have time to talk?”

I sat up straighter.

“Yes, doctor, I do.”

“Well, good. Vasilisa, I have some very bad news.”

My heart dropped.

Oh no, what was it? Could I not conceive again? Was there something wrong with Aria?

“What is it?” I rushed hurriedly.

Dr. Shephard sighed. 

“Vasilisa… you have lung cancer.”


(type 'the boy fooled me again' if you read it all)
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Wrote 4 years ago
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