Thursday, October 7th- Pippa, Julia, and Lottie are having a girls night in their dorm room. Bring magazines, gossip, and food!
"Come on, Renee, hurry up, we're going to be late!" Holly called out impatiently as she stood by the door. 

"I'm done I'm done I'm done! There, we can go now!" Renee gave her blond hair one last pat before she grabbed her beauty supplies and closed the door behind her. 

"So, what happened between you and Michael? I only saw him on the ground and Liam looking furious before he dragged you away." At the mention of Liam's name, Renee frowned a little. But otherwise she was her usual calm, normal self, smiling at Holly's description over what happened. 

“I shouldn’t feel bad for him, should i?” Holly asked as they walked from their dorm to the girls' dorm. 

“Not in the slightest.” Renee replied, giving Holly a smile. “He acted like a jerk and Liam had every right to hit him for it even if it was creepy and over protective.” She was on the urge of punching him herself. The nerve of that sore loser! 

“Oh shush!” Holly laughed, giving Renee a little shove. “It’s not creepy, he’s my twin. We’d do anything for each other.” 

“Hm, that’s so sweet. Kind of makes me was a twin.” Renee replied with a smirk as they arrived at the door. Holly knocked a few time, and Lottie let them in with a smile. 

Some of the girls were already there, huddled in a circle and trading gossip. Huh, if only Gemma knew what her secrets were, she'd have a field day. But that wasn't going to happen on her watch. With the two of them joining in , the circle widened as the girls smiled at them. 

"So Lottie....what were you doing sneaking out of Dale's dorm room a couple nights ago?" Gemma started, a skeptical look on her face. Renee and the other girls leaned in at this. No wonder Gemma was the gossip queen, how had she missed out on this piece of information? 

"Oh, um, nothing." Lottie replied quietly, looking down at her lap. 

"Sure didn't seem like nothing." Gemma continued, not letting the girl off the hook that easily. 

"Seriously why would you go after Dale? You know Julia and him are like destined right?" Nata said. 

"Come on Lottie, what was it for?" Lily piped up as well. 

"Nothing, okay? I would never do that to Jules anyways." Renee gave Jules a sideway glance, to see how she was taking it, but her face was undecipherable, staring at Lottie intently. 

"If it's nothing then just say it." Holly said next. 

"You're one to talk. You’re such a little wh*re, parading around with Michael." Olivia sneered cruelly at Holly. Renee frowned at this. That was totally uncalled for. What did Holly do to her anyway? 

"I know right? How is he these days?" Emma asked a far off look in her eyes.

 "Ew." Elizabeth said, as the rest of the girls cracked up. She took in the girls' laughing faces and Holly's hurt one. She then decided that she needed some fresh air. Catching Holly's eye, she mouthed the word "outside" to her and they made their quick exit. She was pretty sure they wouldn't be missed much anyway. 

They walked over to a bench where they sat down, Holly with her legs crossed and Renee with her legs stretched. It was a little cold, but that suited her just fine. 

“Don’t listen to them Hol.” Renee started, placing a hand on Holly's arm. 

“I’m not upset about that. What they say doesn’t matter.” Holly said. “It’s just. I can’t help feeling that what they say about Michael is wrong.” 

“What do you mean? She asked with a frown. 

“He’s so... I don’t know. He just doesn’t act like they say he acts. At least not around me.” Renee looked at her curiously, trying to guess where she was heading with this. 

“I’m still confused.” She stated in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“You know how everyone says he’s like a sl*t and that? How they say he acts like a total player because he is a total player?” 


“Well, he doesn’t act that way around me. I know everyone may say I’m just falling for his tricks or whatever but I swear it’s different.” 

“What makes you say that though? What makes it so different?” 

“Just everything. Everything he says to me and everything about the way he acts towards me. Like I’m not some girl he wants to bed. You know, the other day, he asked me what we ‘were’.” 

“What you ‘were’?” 

“Yeah like if we were seeing each other or whatever. Then he asked if he could, like, tell people about us. I didn’t think he’d ever say something like that, let alone to me.” Renee raised her eyebrows at this point and giggled loudly. 

“What?” Holly asked with a roll of her eyes.

“That’s actually pretty cute.” Renee said, collapsing into a fit of giggles, which Holly joined in with a laugh. 

“Have you seen him?” Renee had tuned out for a little while, scrutinising her fingernails, but Holly's question brought her back from her wandering thoughts. 

“Liam? No.” Automatically linking her question to Liam, whom she was talking about, Renee looked at the floor, hoping that Holly wouldn't pick up on anything weird with her. 

“I meant Michael...” Holly said with a skeptical look on her face. Uh-oh. 

 “Oh, no, I haven’t seen him either. My guess he’s locked himself away with a black eye or something.” She said as nonchalantly as possible, hoping that the piece of information would distract Holly. Voila, it it worked. God, the girl had it bad! She just wasn't aware of it yet. 

After Holly went off quietly to look for Michael, Renee had no desire to return to the little gathering. But she supposed that she would have to, since the girls might find it weird that if the two of snuck off without telling anyone. 

With a sigh, Renee dragged herself inside and pasted on a bright smile. "Hey girls, Holly's not feeling well from some chocolates she ate earlier, so she went back first." 

"Yeah, right. I bet that little sl-t went prancing off to find Michael." Olivia sneered, which elicited a couple of snickers from the other girls. 

"Look Olivia, just because you're sore about your own failed relationship with guys doesn't mean you have to be constantly on Holly's case." Renee said calmly, giving a satisfied smile as she saw Olivia's shocked face.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to bow out as well, I have a French Revolution test to study for and I am taking all honours classes. Bonne nuit."
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