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WHICH low-key celebrity wife, who was married before she even reached legal drinking age, is now dealing with the fact that her husband cheated on her – with a man? The stunning model/actress has reportedly locked herself away in the couple’s Venice Beach compound while she decides whether to give her husband a second chance, or kick him out on the street where he belongs.
Name: Ella Delaney
Age: 23
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Known for: Starring the highly successful TV series The Bay and being married to Theodore "Teddy" Delaney.
Model: Lauren Conrad


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For the first time since I set up roots here, the beach was an eerie calm at midday. There were no families enjoying the tepid water, no joggers fighting against the rough sand – there was no one.

I looked over the balcony of my million dollar home and wished for the first time in a while that I was back in Wichita. 

“Mrs. Delaney there’s a phone call for you.” I smiled at Karina who lately, without fail, gave me a pitying look.

I couldn’t handle all the looks of pity, all the whispering behind my back or on occasion right in front of my face. Sighing heavily I pushed away from the ledge and made my way into the kitchen, barely looking at the caller id. 

“Ella speaking,”

“Ella dear it’s your mother, why haven’t you been answer my calls,” Internally I groaned, cursing the fact that I didn’t take that extra second to check who was calling. “Your father and I have been worried sick.” 

“I’ve just been a little busy mom, I’m sorry.”

“Too busy for family; what’s this I hear of Theodore not living in the house anymore?”

I sighed, falling into the nearest chair and hung my head in my hands.

“Well that’s usually what happens when someone cheats in a marriage, they get kicked out.”

I could practically hear her roll her eyes when she exhaled into the phone. “So what, you’re going to throw away four years of marriage because the man made one mistake? Don’t be so juvenile Ella; you’re not a little girl anymore.”

I bristled at her condescending tone, the fact that she lived miles away held no bearing in her manipulative nature she constantly extended over my life.

“So I should forgive him for f-cking someone else,” I asked, wiping away the steady stream of tears cascading down my cheeks.

“Young lady you will mind your language when you talk to your mother!”

I ignored her rambling, yelling over her in my rage. “And on top of all of that, it was with another man! Huh; is that what you want, for me to just take him back just like that?”

A crystal vase dropping and breaking on the floor broke my temper as I turned to a horrified and extremely apologetic looking Karina. I almost forgot that not everyone knew that the rumors of my husband’s extracurricular activities weren’t exactly rumors.

“Mrs. Delaney I’m so sorry, it was an accident Miss.” She cried, her eyes already welling up with unshed tears.

Placing my hand over the phone I shook my head to stop her nonsensical rambling apologies. 

“It’s okay Karina, I hated that vase anyways. You can just take the rest of the day off.”

She scurried off without another word and I waited till I heard the front door close a moment later to focus my attention on my mother.

“Whatever you’re going to say is irrelevant; he cheated on me and I don’t know if I can get over that.” My voice broke off in a whisper as the severity of my words sunk in.

Could I get over my husband sleeping with another man?

“Oh Ella, what do you think you’re going to do…divorce him and marry someone else? Honey he was your one and only boyfriend, the only man that ever showed serious interest, that ever really loved you; do you think you’ll find that with someone else?” 

I didn’t want to listen to her but her words were like knives that pierced through my heart and my mind. I loved Theodore, I still loved him and I knew he loved me. 

So was it worth ripping apart the only relationship I had just for one mistake, one that could’ve easily been just a one time occurrence? All I had was my family and friends and he was my family – I couldn’t just throw it all away.

Could I?

“I don’t, I don’t know but right now I just can’t deal with all of this.”

And of course, as always she had to have the last words. “Just remember if you leave him you’re leaving the lifestyle he’s helped you achieve and to throw all that away would be highly selfish of you. You have to stop thinking solely about yourself Ella, this is bigger than you.”

The sound of the line going dead was all to welcoming in the wake of her harsh words.
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