You and Harry had been married for a year now. Your wedding was amazing and you are ready for your first child. 

You awoke next to Harry one sunny Saturday morning feeling sick. You stood up and ran to the bathroom, waking your husband along the way. You reached the bathroom and vomited in the toilet. (TMI?) Harry looked down into your eyes and said, "I'll go get some medicine, you should get back in bed." You clumsily walked back into your bedroom and fell onto the bed. Soon, Harry came back inside with your medicine, a bowl of soup, and a glass of water. "Thanks honey," you told him. He kissed your forehead and sat on the bed next to you.
"Harry, you worry too much about me. Thanks so much." 
Harry looked at you and said, "It's okay (Y/N), just rest."
You smiled up at him.

This morning sickness had been repeating for weeks so you and Harry decided to get tested. 
When the doctor returned with the test results and told you the news that you were pregnant, you peered into Harry's deep green eyes and threw your arms around his neck. He let out a deep sigh and whispered into your ear, "This is going to be an amazing adventure."

3:53 am
"Harry.... Harry... I think my water just broke," you quickly told your husband.
"Okay, get some shoes on. I'll take you to the hospital."
You slipped on your pink UGGs and changed into a t-shirt and sweats. You grabbed your bag and headed out the door with Harry, who had his PJ pants, t-shirt, converse, and beanie on. He looked so cute in that outfit. Harry opened the door of his car for you and you carefully climbed in. You and Harry drove through the rain to the nearest hospital.
Once you were in the hospital bed, it really hit you that you were actually going to have a baby. A child of your very own was about to be delivered into this world.
 Two hours later, baby Darcy Lynn was yours.

Should I do more of these? Was it any good?

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