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07.01.13 - first day back in school and, like always, I can't write anymore ^^

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 Can you remember your last dream?
Not really. But there happened something weird, which I actually found pretty funny after it.
On Sunday I woke up, looked to the watch and thought: Damn, you slept to 15:37 o’clock, are you crazy? Then I watched a second time and it was only 9:45 o’clock. Then I was awake for some time, but made a little nap around 14:40 and when I woke up, believe it or not, but it was 15:37 o’clock!!! Isn’t that crazy? :D 

3 places you’d like to go on vacation?
- New York City
- Somewhere in Australia
- Cape Town 
Do you like chocolate?
I’m not so much a chocolate lover, but I like to eat a few pieces of it 

Which is your favorite body part of the human face and why?
Totally the eyes!!! 
Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more?
Rainy days 

Which is your favorite four legged creature?
Tigers, I think
Do you like spicy food?
No. I always almost sneeze when I smell pepper (just when it’s too much of it, I can’t stand it) 

Do you remember your favorite teacher?
That must be my elementary school class teacher: Mrs Paulsen 

Tell me about your favorite book, magazine, or comic.
I don’t really have a fav book, I don’t buy magazines that often (although I kinda love Nylon Magazine) and I used to own a subscription to Micky Maus, I loved it, I still have each one I ever got

Tell me about the last movie you watched.
Crazy, Stupid, Love (couldn’t stop staring at Ryan Gosling, I felt so stupid :D )
Tell me about your favorite music/bands.
I wish I could show you my playlist. Too much to name all, but I adore 30 Seconds To Mars

3 favorite foods?
Pasta (I could eat noodles everyday :D ), kiwi fruit & lots more, seriously I love to eat :D 
Do you like to shop?
I need to be in a good mood. 

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
Call me typical german, but I’m always right on time and I hate unpunctuality (not only with others but also with me)

Are you happy with your life for the most part right now?
I think it’s okay. It could be better, but it’s okay. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

What would be harder, telling someone that you love them or that you don’t?
Both is something I wouldn’t want to do… 
What’s your middle name?
I don’t have one 

How big is your bed?

What music are you listening to right now?
I adore this song: (once listened to the ten hour version, but stopped after two hours ^^)

Who was the last person you hugged?
My friends 

How is the weather right now?
It’s wet outside (but not raining) and a little cold. 

Are you a different person now than you were 5 years ago?
5 yeas ago I was 11, so yeah, I guess I was ^^ 

Favorite fruit?

Do you have a collection of anything?
Stamps, a whole amount of Micky Mouse Magazines, which I just can’t give away, oh, and I got this one: :D

Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?

Would you ever tell a person you have a crush on that you like him/her?

Do you consider yourself popular?
Oh no :D

Would you ever date someone older than you? Younger than you?
Depends on how much older/younger and how old I am :D 

Have you ever been on a diet?
I think I don’t need it so much, but I eat pretty healthy anyway

Have you ever gotten detention?
Nope :D 

Do you usually prefer books or movies?

Have you ever written a love letter?

Are you a morning person or a night person?
Night. I love it to be awake at night, watching movies and so one. But I also like it to be awake pretty early in the morning. 

Do you make wishes on shooting stars?
 I think I never saw one :D

Celebrity role models?
 Guess who? Yes, you are right: Miranda Kerr!
Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
 That’s actually a tough one…hm…don’t know right now.
How many piercing do you have?
Two in each ear ->

What is the longest crush/relationship you have had?
Crush: One year. I told him and I got a rebuff.

What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said about you?
 Hmmm…I don’t know. A friend of mine always calls me heartless and cold-hearted, but she just does that when I give away one of my mean claims, which mostly aren’t meant that serious (@sawe knows)

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
 At the time of my internship they told me more than once that I'm charming and nice. Also some people call me humorous and even pretty, which I still can’t understand ^^

What does your username mean?
 Well, Lena is my first name and Supernatural is because I love the TV show and because, well, aren’t we all a little supernatural? :D

Have you ever made a prank phone call?

Do you smoke?
Hell to the No!

Have you ever been drunk?
Haha, no :D 

Have you ever cried during a movie?

Do you take the shampoo/conditioner bottles from hotel?
Yes, but I don’t use them ^^

Do you always smile for pictures?
Nope, I don't think so :D
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