Part 4 

Yay!!! I'll be really slow with it but i'll try to do my best and finish it one day xD

6. The Korean guy whose body you admire the most 

I should have chosen a boy who's body is muscular and well-built or something?

But geez... look at OH SEHUN'S FREAKING WAIST!!!

Its seriously not fair!!! I want a waist as perfect as his T_T

I also like his arms and recently it looks like he works out a bit? Or maybe just the comeback :)

Joanna was right a long long time ago... Tall and skinny boys are my soft spot! :)

And I am sure you guys are surprised I haven't spazzed about Exo here and i haven't made million sets about XOXO! :) 
Its just that i don't really have time to make a set and I mostly spazz on Twitter recently :)

If you are curious about my opinion:
I am so glad this album didn't disappointed me!
I don't say Wolf is the best song or it was a good choice to be the title song but because of the choreography its a nice one to perform :) Its just not really for live singing because of the sound effects and autotune.

I don't have fav song by the way but Heart attack, Black Pearl and Don't go (the Chinese one because of Tao <3) are definitely in the top3 :) but the other songs are also nice so... idk... its like choosing a bias in Exo xD
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