Selda Okutan Angel Ring (It is not rebellious as its seen)
  • Selda Okutan Angel Ring (It is not rebellious as its seen)
    It's figures and the top bit is white and the rest is black (oxidized silver). The stone is 8mm zircon. It is part of a collection called Angel.
  • Selda Okutan Selection Wedding Ring
    Very special unique wedding ring. It is completely handmade and made by sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stone.Stone options:Zircon (Diamond Color)Tourmaline (any color)Topaz (baby blue)Note: Men version is also available (without stone). For complete gold version please contact me.
  • Selda Okutan Heart Ring (Love)
    .Producing Technique: With the aim of making the figures, subtracting / scratching and adding method on model wax was performed. Main heart frame, small heart part and figures were made separately. Afterwards, the stones places were prepared and 75 zircon stones were set outside of the main frame and small heart part one by one. During the setting diamonds placing technique was used. After placing the stones, all parts were put together by welding.
  • Callisto Jewlery Raw Purpurite & Amethyst Raw Crystal Ring by Callisto
    Purpite has a truly brilliant purple color, with an iridescent sheen that is very unusual and uniquely beautiful. Next to it is a beautiful little amethyst crystal ~ Brazilian amethyst with deep, rich purple color. The stones are set in a dark, oxidized silver setting, molded to the stone, giving it really antique ~ almost ancient look. The ring is built with a traditional stained glass technique known as tiffany technique, using silver lead free solder on top of raw brass and copper to create really interesting, sculptural modern rustic jewelry. The ring itself is adjustable. Ships in
  • Selda Okutan Like Diamond Ring (Gothic)
    It is handmade and completely sterling silver. 5 Zircon stones set on each side. The main stone is 8mm Zircon stone.