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Hello! This is the Selena Gomez group! I am not saying I am, nor know Selena but I am a huge fan and noticed many others are too:) And no, this is not like the official “Selena Gomez” group or anything, and as far as I know, the REAL Selena does /NOT/ have a Polyvore account. No hate please, on anything or anyone, you will be reported. So don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I just did. Before you ask, no you can not be a moderator, I am sorry.
Join this group if you like: Selena Gomez (DUH!) The Scene, Princess Protection Program, Justin Bieber, Wizards of Waverly Place, Taylor Swift, Monte Carlo, or anything else that is related to Selena!
Lastly, I want to say thank you members of the group. You guys made this group very popular, and we would never be this successful without any of you. You are a special and unique in your own way. Never forget that, okay?
When it comes to the contests: PLEASE READ THE RULES! I don’t want to be doing a Selena only contest and get entries that have Dianna Agron (Just an example, I love Dianna and think she is brilliant!)
I hope that you have fun with this group! Good luck to all, in all contests. Our contests ca be based on Selena Gomez related topics and sometimes they will simply be random, so never expect anything.
A question many people ask is “How do I make my group popular?” Well I made a set that tells you exactly how to do that! I hope that it helps everyone who sees it!
Do you feel ugly? Yes? Really? Why? You need to read this;;

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Ask them on this set. I'll reply by commenting on the set or PMing you.
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