I think the fandom dominating of polyvore are the selenators. There are hundreds of accounts supporting Selena, and I love it. I'm not selenator but I love her because she's really pretty and I love the way he sings and how it actress. 

This set is dedicated for all the selenators <3

@selenaanonlovies-xo @sellybear-anon @ox-selena-gomez-anon-xo @selala-marie @selalaan0n @selly-g-and-justy-biebs-anons @selena-anon-gomez @selenuranonymous @selenuhmariegomezanonn @selalagomez-anon @selenuh @selena-marie-anoon @xo-selena-marie-anon-ox @selenagohmezanon @selenuh-an0n @selenurmarie-anon @selena-marie-gomez-xo @selalag0mez @sellyan0n @selenaa-gomez-anon-xox @selena-mariee-gomez @selmariegomezanonymous @selenaloveszayn @selalamarie @sellymariegomezanonn @selly-gomez-anon92 @selenam-gomezanon @miss-gomez-anon
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