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  • SANTA MONICA SUNSET StyleScrapbook
    I'M WEARING >> Jumper: H&M | Jeans: J Brand | Sunnies: Celine Sunsets, have a strange obsession with sunsets, I love them just too much. While on the road trip, I rented a small apartment by the beach in Santa Monica for a couple of nights and there was a lot of this every night.…
  • January 1st
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  • LIFE ON MARS StyleScrapbook
    I'M WEARING >> Top: Urban Outfitters | Boots: Balenciaga | Jacket: ASOS Death Valley is known to be one of the most hostile places in the planet and it has been A DREAM of mine to see it for the longest time. Turns out that despite the fact that I got quite terrible weather during…
  • Young Americans
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  • In the desert
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  • DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS StyleScrapbook
    I'M WEARING >> Jeans: DL1961 | Shoes: Senso | Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Neri Karra | Earring: DIOR | T-Shirt: ASOS I've never seen anything as full as Neon signs as Las Vegas is and I find that incredibly awesome. This neighbourhood is downtown and its supposedly where Las Vegas…
  • WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS! StyleScrapbook
    I'M WEARING >> Sequin Pants: H&M (coming soon) | Jumper: Vintage | Bag: Neri Karra | Bracelet: Hermes | Earring: Dior YESSSSS!!! My very first time in Las Vegas and even though I thought I wasn't going to like it, gosh, I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! We just got here (on the blog that is) and…
  • NEON LIGHTS StyleScrapbook
    *Photos taken with permission at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I'M WEARING >> Skirt: Eddy Anemian for H&M | Top: ASOS | Earring: Dior This road trip just keeps getting better and better! seriously. Just when I start thinking I've seen it all, I bump into things that make my jaw drop to…
  • White Xmas
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  • THE WALL StyleScrapbook
    Photos at The Parker Palm Springs Hotel | I'M WEARING >> Trench Coat: Vintage Burberry | Pants: ZARA | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Sweatshirt: Stine Goya | Bag: Neri Karra | Bracelet: Hermes This was my last day in Palm Springs and even though I really didn't want to leave at all (I could…
  • Flower Power
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