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I have been trying to post this for several days now and couldn't quite bring myself to it. My friends here already know what our family has been suffering since may and now I am going to type faster and cut it short because I   am starting to cry!!This is more than just breast cancer  this month as we lost my 2nd sister to cancer now. Buried her on Tuesday in Houston, TX and she still has children in school. If I get twisted up I am sorry but I just want to get done. This is why I find it so important to speak to you about several issues because God has made the issues be something that has happened to me (most all of them have been me) or my friends or family, Unless you have a death wish for whatever you feel a good reason to be, I can't imagine because I have been through and suffered way more than the e\average person and yet I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I will go to live with him some day along with all of my friends and family that have gone before me! He has some purpose for me still being here and maybe it is for this very thing that I try to get across to people about their health. I mean we stand enough chance to get hit by a car (me) be in multiple wrecks(me) have 2 head injuries and brain damage, fractured skull ended up with Epilepsy from going through the windshield because of 2 drunk guys. Both shoulders and elbows are messed up, but I still have fingers, I still have enough brain to do what I am, I can's work because of my body and my brain but I never filed for disability,I try to help everyone that I can because as they say, there truly always is someone a lot worse off and I have only told about 1/3 of the things that have been done to me. But God sent to me a wonderful man so I do have family now, his because we were not able to have children because of all of the medications I am on. Most recent within the last 2 months I was diagnosed with with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when I already have depression and anxiety and another list. Enough of mine, it is simply to explain that so many people do have to walk around every day with all of this old baggage of abuse, molestation or my friend son in law who came back from the war with only 4 fingers let that they put back on where they didn't even go but enough to help him to have some control after all he has no legs, no right arm part of a left arm but no ring finger, His body was so stitched all back together but he feels blessed that he is even alive and is married to the most wonderful love of his life. They actually got pregnant and have a baby boy now and he tells how he would do it all again but they won't let him! Kind o crazy? Yea I think so but that is what is in his heart for our safety! There are people all over the entire world like this and we are allowed to keep living for a purpose. I didn't used to feel that it was an honor or a blessing but as I live and breath I do keep coming across bigger problems. I am a lover, a doer, a cryer, a giver and a helper I have gotten so far off track (I'm not crying now though) but one last part of my friend who has given himself the nickname of McNubbins, he is now the head of Wounded Wear because all of these men that do come home need special fitted clothing because of their afflictions. And they don't just fall out of the sky either. Now Tyler (McNb) he wears the biggest grin that you have ever seen. The majority came back like I have been for years and end up with that one of my types of depression, PTSD and most people have such a bad attitude about someone being depressed. I am here to tell you how real it is and never knew you could have 3 types and well lucky me but there are meds for each type!!I'm not happy about that but my Dr said it about the quality or the quantity of life. you have a choice since the meds kill your liver and I know you've seen all the commercials about the side effects at the end where you almost laugh because you don't even get it all and what you do you think g'eeze now that's what I want to take!! Lol I want to add one last thing about Tyler Southern, and that is that I will link you to him so you will please watch and understand what is happening to these men and women when they get back home. There is no one standing there to take your hand as you might think, no that isn't the way so you will hear some of the stories of how we help these citizens and they help each other etc, For now I will end this and try not to cry but yes in fact my sister Rosemary did pass away at 6:05 pm on the 6th I think. I totally lost control so I can't remember everything.We were just all sick for days and I ended up not being mentally stable enough to go so my husband went by himself! and flew straight home after as to not leave me alone. I was medicated enough that I didn't even quite realize until he started calling and texting that for some reason one plane after the next kept being delayed and he was hours late getting home. It was not the cancer in the lungs, kidney or spine but the 4 tumors on her brain and that surgery that ended her life. So many stories of people she would talk to and wake momentarily and tell the family about Laura the first sister that had cancer . So I beg you to go get an MRI if you are having anything strange continuing on, She was at work and took off to get an MRI, FINALLY, after we kept insisting , all because her jaw kept hurting. That was in May and 2 days later she was paralyzed and later to find not because of the spinal cancer but the brain. So much more but I can't and I am sorry to have thrown this in on my monthly Breast Self Exam but this set was already made ahead but every time I tried to type up the publishing portion, something kept going wrong. So I shall try to end this now and hope everyone can understand since I am still not totally with it, Please pray for her little children still in school. Also For her husband Chris who's father had a massive heart attache while this was going on and he passed away also and Chris couldn't leave his wife to go and never saw him again. @ of our toddler cousins were each killed in 2 separate other accidents at this same time also and I believe it is enough for you to see we have been having a very bad time in our lives right now and over the last couple of months. Please remember your family and what you mean to one another and discuss what may happen..I am sure you know what I mean because no preplans were taken care of in any of these situations..

 May The Lord bless thee and Keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
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