I've had this saved in drafts awhile too. I love catwoman, but the anti-hero catwoman is NOTHING without her true self, the meek and mousy Selina Kyle. She's sweet and pretty, but lonely, clumsy and miserable. It takes an act of incredible cruelty to finally make her snap and I always found that moment to be such a cathartic release. Finally the cat has claws and is willing to use them. I was never one to accept a beating, but I can sure relate to what drives Selina to become Catwoman. Girl's cray cray and I dig it :D

The outfit here is a summary of Selina...the mousy brown of the suit she is wearing at the beginning laced with the leather and studs of her alter-ego. This is the complete Selina and is actually quite fitting to current trends. Go figure :)

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Wrote three years ago
amazing set sweetie

Wrote three years ago
Love this!~❤~

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