1) always post rules
2) answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 more
3) tag 11 new people

I was tagged by @nadiaaali , thx love!
Her questions:
1. Do you live in the same city where you were born? Yup
2. When was the last time you've been traveling? To Chile, I guess
3. Have you ever dyed your hair? Only in my dreams T0T
4. Do you ever smile at people on the street? Yes
5. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing right now? From my dad’s wardrobe (its one of his hoodies)
6. Would you ever shop at a thrift store? For sure :)
7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be skinnier
8. Name one good/interesting thing you did today. ate
9. What was the last TV show/movie you watched? Oz: great and powerful
10. Would you ever get your tongue pierced? maybe
11. What should you be doing right now?homework
My questions:
1) if you could choose your name, what would it be?
2)Favorite bands?
5) favorite drink?
4) do you pick flowers?
5)do you believe in love?
6)favorite holiday destination?
7)where do you wanna live in the future?
8) whats your biggest dream?
9) hows you very best friend?
10) favorite season of the year?
11) did you see there are two 5?

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