Semper Nouveau

Name ::: Semper
Age ::: 23
Birthday ::: November 22nd
Style ::: Time-travelling chic with a hint of punk-rock, a dash of the 11th Doctor, and a side serving of witchcraft (flavoured with gothic schoolgirl)
Job(s) on the Bus ::: Historian, archivist, tea-cup counter and stabilizer, dress mender, sous-chef, and general button pusher (literally and figuratively)
How did you come to be on the bus?
On one of her journeys that her time traveling dirigible encountered a storm which caused Semper’s ship to malfunction, thus depositing her in the year 2011. She fell from the sky into the far reaches of Canada, much to her dismay, where she was unable to fix her ship due to her lack of knowledge in the areas of time travel machinery, other than basic maintenance. Stranded in a strange time and place, and knowing that she had no foreseeable way to return to her own home, Semper sold her broken dirigible to a group of steampunk enthusiasts (whom she accidentally mistook for her rescuers) and began to travel the normal way – by hiding on freight trains. Eventually and happily, Semper was picked up by Duckie, Trip, and Princess on the Big Bad Bus, where she settled in contentedly with teetering stacks of books and tea cups.
Aspirations for your future ::: To not live in fear of the future. To be happy. To own multiple hedgehogs and be in possession of several good books and cups of tea (that never go cold).
Choose a Bus~Verse song ::: I've honestly got nothing.
Mood board:::


Wrote three years ago
@fleetingfanfan Thank you, love! They quite are. Me too, I just love him in basically everything he's in :)

Wrote three years ago
Your men are simply dapper, aren't they? I especially have a soft spot for Jason, him being King Louis and all. What a lovely collection. :}

Wrote three years ago
It sounds ah-mazing, especially due to the fact that it's called a 'palace' of fine arts as opposed to your run of the mill art museum! :D

Wrote three years ago
Don't be. The palace of fine arts is Ah-mazing.

Wrote three years ago
@ducktape I'm half embarassed. I think I got excited when I saw the dome.

Wrote three years ago
I love how your ancient Rome is actually a picture of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. =] Also your model is perfect for you.

Wrote three years ago
I am highly interested in this Hades storyline. It sounds hilarious.

Wrote three years ago
This is simply lovely, as always! I adore all of your little furry friends...respect the cuteness, indeed!

Wrote three years ago
Argh, I don't know what I love best. Probably everything.

Wrote three years ago
Fantastic, and I love the idea of Toska.


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