So there's been more statuses from this one chick and this one guy from Utah that supposedly liked me. They still flirtin'. I wonder how long it's going to last. I fell like it's going to last a while. I am mad. I'm not gonna lie, I am. But I'm not so mad that he's flirting with her and he hasn't texted me, I'm more mad about the fact that I wanted whatever we had going on to end, but I just didn't make it happen. I knew something like this was going to happen. And I've been wanting to stop talking to him for a while now, I I just didn't know how. I wanted to be the one to end things, but I guess he beat me to it. That's what I'm mad about. Shiiii, I could care less what they're doing. I wanted to be the "heart breaker", if you will. Cuz now it looks like I'm over here crying and all sad, but nope, that's not the way it is. But oh well, lesson learned I guess. That's what I get for being soooo nice! |: F.I.S.H.! ;D

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